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   Chapter 228 The Wedding Day

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Noticing the doubts creeping in Lola's eyes, Harry did not explain anymore. "Hurry up." He just wanted to have a look at her room and nothing more. There was nothing for her to worry about.

Lola speechlessly pointed to the door of the room next to Nicole's. He slowly opened it and turned on the light.

The inside was all sky blue: a sky-blue bed, a dresser, a carpet and an armchair. This was obviously designed by Lola. It was really feminine...

She followed in. "Mr. Si, it's late now. You should get home early! You need to rest too." She tried to gently ask him to leave.

Harry carefully looked back at her. Today, she looked a little bit mature with light makeup on her face. He liked it more this way. She looked so natural.

Walking behind her and closing the door, he drew her waist from the front when Lola thought he was leaving.

Her heart jolted. She looked up at his deep eyes as if she was going to be sucked in. She had always liked his eyes.

He kissed her down as a familiar comfortable scent coming towards him.

It was not until a knock on the door that the two indulged people came to their senses.

Lola quickly pushed him away, cleaning herself up as a blush showed on her face. She pushed him away further before opening the door.

Outside, everyone stood there and just blankly stared at them.

Lola promptly pulled the man behind her and pushed him out to the front of the crowd, "Boss Si, take care!" Then she pulled Wendy in.

Wendy looked at Lola's flushed face and playfully said, "Be honest. What did you do in the room? Auntie Angie knocked at the door a few times before you opened it. What's up with the delay, huh?"

This time was her turn to make Lola sick and awkward. Ha!

What? "A few times? Not only one? I just heard one knock. You're kidding me." She looked silly at Wendy, who was putting on a smirk on her face.

Wendy covered her own mouth to stop herself from laughing. "Hey, is it not the right time for us to come back?"

Lola patted her tenderly. "I will give you my brother if you don't stop talking! Stop this madness." Lola said while grinning. Then she ran to the closet, took out her pajamas and prepared to take a shower.

Wendy quickly made a shut-up gesture and gleefully replied, "Let's go and bathe together!" She opened her suitcase and took out her pajamas.

They had bathed toget

She was here! This meant that she gave up everything just to be here! Including that man...

Jordan looked at the woman in his arms for a few seconds. He did not expect this, either.

Wendy's eyes were red. This was the man she chose to spend the rest of her life with, and he was hugging another woman. Right on their wedding day...

Lola put her bag in Wendy's hands and walked over on her high heels, abruptly pulling Sharon out of her brother's arms.

"Who's this shameless woman that holds another woman's husband. Let the security throw her out!"

Jordan heard Lola's fierce voice before he could respond. And the woman in his arms had been pulled aside by his sister.

"Jordan!" Sharon glared at Lola and then looked at Jordan in a rather seductive way. "Who is she? She is so fierce! Stop her!"

Jordan looked at Wendy who was staring at him. He pulled a long, frowning face too.

"Leave! I'll pretend you did not appear today. Just leave now!"

The woman who had left for eight years without a reason now appeared without a reason! This was very ironic and sad!

Wendy sat there quietly, listening to Jordan. She hoped that Jordan would come to his senses and just solve this problem. Regardless of their past, as long as he was willing to keep clear of that woman, she would choose to continue their marriage.

Sharon lost her temper and immediately went to Jordan. "Jordan, I was wrong. I am back now! Please, choose me!" When she heard the news that he was going to marry, she immediately realized everything and knew that she had always loved him.

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