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   Chapter 227 Just A Stranger to You

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Mr. Han laughed loudly and said, "Miss. Li, I haven't seen you in a very long time! My daughter is your most loyal fan!" He knew her well just because he heard a lot of things about her from his daughter. Her daughter told her lots of tales about this woman.

Lola was a little shocked and amazed. "Really? Your daughter was my fan? I find that hard to believe." Was she really fond of her?

"Yes. I remembered that four years ago, you shot a TV play and played a role named Pearl in it. You were splendid!" When Mr. Han mentioned that name, Lola was suddenly lost in her memories.

"It was great honor for me that someone like you, Mr. Han, would still remembered Pearl. I could not even remember it myself anymore." Lola answered with humility. She was still in D City when she acted as Pearl. And it was also this role that increased her popularity and catapulted her to fame.

Mr. Han laughed in his usual bright manner again, which drew lots of people's attention. It was unexpected that Mr. Han could have a wonderful chat with Lola.

"It was my daughter that would always say Pearl was so beautiful. She kept mentioning that name everyday around me so I kept it in mind." Mr. Han had a gracious and loving smile whenever he thought of her daughter.

Lola also smiled, as she held Nicole in her arms. "I would like to invite your daughter to my home whenever she is free. She's welcome to come over anytime."

Mr. Han nodded his head and said, "OK. It's getting late now and your daughter had fallen asleep already. You'd better go home early."

The people in the two rooms crowded the corridor. They all walked towards the outside of the hotel as Mr. Han said his goodbyes.

But Thomas Herren went back to the private room as he quietly took a call.

Lola, Wendy and Janne Zhang walked behind the crowd.

At that very moment, Harry and Yolanda had slowed down their steps. And when Harry stood parallel with Lola, he took Nicole from Lola's arms without getting her approval.

... Instead of getting mad, Lola just felt relaxed that she didn't have to carry Nicole throughout. She was getting very heavy.

Yolanda glared at Lola as if she wanted to kill her. How dare she let that little bastard get in the arms of his man!

Completely ignoring Yolanda, Lola kept her pace with Harry in front. Tugging his clothes, Lola said, "Give Nic

s. He commanded Lola, "Lead the way. I'll follow you."

Lola immediately ran upstairs. She felt mixed emotions about this.

Why did she have to run? "Well, why should I follow what you asked?" Lola muttered to herself.

Opening the door of Nicole's room, Lola turned on the lights and let Harry in.

It was a big room with pink Hello Kitty wallpaper all around it. There was also a big bed covered with pink sheet. Pink carpets surrounded the bed. There were a lot of toys in this room. This was totally a fancy room for a little princess.

Taking off his expensive shoes, he stepped on the soft carpet and put Nicole on her bed.

He saw Lola taking off her little skirt. After that, Nicole showed her naked body.

Nicole looked so cute and lovely. She was so innocent and pretty.

He showed tenderness in his eyes. He turned around with his hands in his pockets.

It was Nicole's room. He might decorate this room even lovelier if Nicole was her daughter...

"Mr. Si, we should go now. Thank you for driving us home." Putting on her shoes, Lola looked at Harry, who stared at Nicole's photos silently.

He turned around, put on his shoes, and walked out of the room with Lola. Then he closed the door slightly. They looked like a couple who just put their children to the bed. It was a sweet moment for both of them.

"I will show you the way out." She went out first, but was pulled by Harry.

"Where is your room?" Leaning against the wall, Harry asked through his signature emotionless tone.

What was he going to do? Lola's heart pounded fast.

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