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   Chapter 226 Kiss Another Woman

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"Excuse me. I just need to go to the bathroom." Seeing Jordan holding Wendy's hand, Lola stood, controlling herself not to smile.

"I'll go with you." Wendy found an opening to make an excuse to let go of Jordan's hand and went outside with Lola.

They ran out of the private room laughing and joking, ignoring other people's confused looks.

Wendy was happy. Lola stared at her and also felt glad. She pushed Wendy to the wall, put her right hand beside Wendy's shoulder, and lustfully looked at Wendy. Wendy rolled her eyes. She knew what was coming.

"Tell me frankly. You love Jordan, right?" She looked intently at Wendy. Wendy blushed again.

She pointed a finger to Lola's head. "What's in your mind?" She tried to walk ahead.

But Lola pulled her back and had her pressed on the wall again.

A man and a woman passed by and saw this. Lola wore a white chiffon top with lace sleeves, high-waist loose pants and seven-centimeter high heels.

She looked elegant and graceful, but she looked like she was about to kiss another woman.

The man and the woman found it very weird.

Lola then acted like a man. With eyes wide open, Wendy just stared at her. "Tell me honestly, or you can't sleep with me tonight."

Lola couldn't help but lean back and laugh.

Wendy rolled her eyes at Lola, who was playing a joke on her. "Go away. Let's go to the bathroom."

On their way to the bathroom, they found a couple looking straight at them.

Lola was just very happy a while ago, but she was irritated and looked fierce all of a sudden. It turned out to be Yolanda and Harry. They were holding each other's hands.

The atmosphere in the hallway became strange and awkward. Lola and Harry fixed their eyes on each other. Wendy broke the silence and nodded to Harry. "Boss Si, good evening. How are you?"

Harry also nodded, but he didn't glance away from Lola.

Lola scowled at Harry. He even didn't tell her that he had come to A Country. He even had the guts to go with Yolanda. It seemed that he didn't care at all about Lola. At this thought, Lola felt really sad.


urity Department. He seemed to be a bit upset. He didn't seem to see Lola. Yolanda stood beside him and smirked. What a perfect match. She thought to herself in a sarcastic way.

Thomas came over. He looked at Lola holding Nicole in her arms and said, "Nice to see you here. How are you now?" He seemed to be surprised.

Lola nodded. "Well, Jordan will get married soon. This is my sister-in-law-to-be. We just had dinner together." She pointed to Wendy who was just near them.

Thomas and Wendy greeted each other. He wanted to pick up Nicole in Lola's arms. "Don't bother. Your arm has not recovered yet. I've been used to the weight, anyway." The fact was Nicole was nearly 15 kg. She was very heavy already.

"Miss Li." Lola, who was talking to Thomas, heard a strange voice. She looked back and saw Mr. Han.

She lowered her head and bowed as respect. "Hello, Mr. Han."

Mr. Han smiled at Lola, an inexplicable look filled his eyes.

He was impressed with Lola. Mr. Li introduced others his granddaughter on his birthday party. Later, all the people knew what was going on between Harry, Yolanda and her. Moreover, her scandal with Thomas spread when Thomas was still serving as the president.

Probably, Thomas quit the job because of her.

Everyone knew that Nicole was the daughter of either Harry, who was powerful and rich, or Thomas. The mystery had not been solved yet.

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