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   Chapter 225 She was Quite Satisfied with That Son-in-law-to-be

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Jordan had on a casual suit that he seldom wore. In a pure white casual top, black jeans and brown business shoes, he was now sitting on the sofa and looking intently at them.

"Mrs. Yu, where is Lucas? Is he coming?" Lucas was Wendy's younger brother.

Janne bought a beautiful skirt just for the event today. Set off by the elegant red skirt, her skin looked fair and flawless. With a smile, she stood and took Lola to her side. "Lucas has to take an exam today, so he can't make it. Long time, no see, Lola. You have become more beautiful."

Lola put her handbag on the table and held Janne's hand. "Mrs. Yu, you look even younger!"

Janne giggled and squinted her wrinkled eyes. "How sweet of you! I think you're just joking."

"Well, Lola is here. I've booked a private room at the hotel tonight. Let's go." Seeing that Lola has good relationships with Janne and Wendy, Harold became very happy.

They immediately drove to the hotel. According to the arrangement of Lola, Landon took her car, Angie and Harold had Nicole and Janne, and Wendy went by Jordan's military vehicle.

In the car, Wendy was nervously browsing Weibo and didn't dare to look up at the man next to her.

She had been dreaming of this for so long. She and this man would take their pre-wedding photos tomorrow and get married in less than twenty days.

There was no music in the car, so it was very quiet. It was kind of awkward. She had to say something to break the silence.

"Mr. Li, I…"

"We'll get married soon. There's no place for formalities. You can call me Jordan." He replied in a cold tone as he drove skillfully.

"Okay." She could call him Jordan? What an intimate gesture... Wendy blushed in embarrassment.

Jordan turned to her and saw a strange look on her face.

She was like those women who were neither pretty nor ugly. She just didn't stand out.

Without any makeup, she looked just a common and plain girl. But at the right moment, her blushed face was so

. The house that was on the list was already prepared and furnished for them.

"Okay." Janne looked at Jordan. Although he wasn't always smiling, he looked calm and relaxed. Moreover, he gave many gifts and was nice to Wendy. He was a man that everybody can trust.

She was quite satisfied with that son-in-law-to-be!

Lola whispered to Wendy, making her blush in embarrassment.

Jordan was taken aback by Wendy's look. She suddenly looked a bit different.

Without noticing Jordan, Wendy pinched Lola. "Of course with you! You don't have to ask!"

It turned out that Lola asked Wendy who she would sleep with tonight.


Surprised that Wendy pinched her, she replied in a low voice, "Well Wendy, I have decided that I will send you to my brother's room tonight."

Ignoring the curious faces of the people around them, Lola continued to whisper to Wendy.

Wendy pinched Lola again. Lola rubbed her painful arm and teased her. "Try to win Jordan's heart with what you're capable of. Ouch! Ouch! It hurts!" It was so painful that Lola shouted.

Angie ignored her and continued to talk with Janne as they happily conversed with each other. How indifferent she was!

Under the table, Jordan gently took hold of Wendy's hand.

... Both Lola and Wendy exchanged glances and finally became quiet.

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