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   Chapter 224 Was He Falling in Love with Someone

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"Go and ask what he has bought. We need to know." Looking at the blood oozing from his hand, he knew what was going on.

The bodyguard, despite his years of training, was so scared that he almost lost his voice. At that moment, he suddenly heard the cold voice from the phone and frantically replied, "Yes! Mr. Si!"

Quickly hanging up the phone, the bodyguard watched Thomas Herren go into the apartment and then trot to a pharmacy.

"Hello. I want the same medicine which the gentleman earlier has just bought. Do it fast."

The cashier looked strangely at the bodyguard who was wearing sunglasses and requested the doctor to give him the same prescription.

After checking out, he looked at the name of the pillbox and called back Harry.

Harry, who was cleaning his wound in a very worried face, looked much better when he heard the name of the medicine.

"Then who was the one hurt?" His voice was not so cold as before, which relieved the bodyguard's worries.

"Err...I didn't see Mr. Herren injured. Though I watched him enter the apartment in a very anxious manner. So I'm afraid it might be... Miss Li." The bodyguard was just guessing. But his instinct was almost always correct.

"Okay, keep watching and be alert. If you can't guarantee her safety, you all know what the consequences are!" He slowly wiped his fingers with alcohol under the bright light, and put his phone on the rosewood table. He put the loudspeaker on so he could immediately hear about any updates.

He looked a bit relaxed as if he did not feel any pain from the fingers. But his mind was racing as he went through every scenario possible.

"Yes, Boss Si! We'll make it!" In a short while, the polite voice of the bodyguard was heard from the background. Harry hung up the phone.

"Lola, are you really happy when you are with me?

Or you want both of us? Is this what you really want?

If so, Lola, you are so greedy!"

And he, Harry Si, wouldn't allow it to happen!

In the condo.

Thomas opened the pain reliever, pulled Lola's arm closer to him and applied the ointment on it.

The scalded skin was swelling, but there was no trace of blisters. So it was not too serious... He felt very relieved.

"It's okay, I can do it myself!" Looking at the man in front of her, she felt a bit awkward and wanted to refuse his sweet gesture.

Thomas gave a glance at her and applied more lightly. "It's done. Take the ointment wi

hat Wendy was coming today, Lola did not work overtime and declined an invitation to a party in order to return home early.

As soon as she entered the villa, she saw many people talking to each other in glee.

Just then, two people rushed at her.



The familiar voices were simultaneous to each other. Lola's eyes filled with joy as she quickly changed her shoes, holding Nicole in her arms.

After she kissed her daughter, she put the little girl on the ground and approached the woman in a lavender skirt.


"My dear Wendy, I have missed you so much!"

The two hugged tightly. They hadn't seen each other for a few years!

Looking at them, people in the living room all smiled.

After a long while of not seeing each other, they were very excited to talk and tell stories. "I'll be able to see you every day. This is so good!" Saying that, Lola lovingly kissed Wendy on her cheek.

The laughter of Angie Gong and Janne Zhang, Wendy's mother, echoed in the living room. Janne was well assured about her daughter's marriage life when she saw Lola and Angie. She realized that their family was very warm and welcoming.

"Mommy, why did you kiss auntie?" Nicole looked at them confusingly. They had been embracing each other for a long time.

Despite being far from each other, their friendship was still tightly-knit. Wendy smiled and picked up Nicole. "Because Auntie and Mommy are very good friends!"

Lola led Wendy and Nicole to the living room.

Landon Li was sitting still on the couch. Harold and Jordan were on his left and right. The night of joy had just started.

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