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   Chapter 223 The Hype

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As Lola was getting out of the car, a reporter spotted her and rushed towards the car.

"How about I send you there? There are more people in here." Jordan frowned at her when he saw reporters rush out.

She shook her head, "No. Jordan, don't worry, I can solve it on my own. Take care and don't worry too much about me." Lola got off, closed the door and walked towards the elevator. She held her chin up high and wore a "professional smile" on her face.

Immediately, she was surrounded by the reporters and was asked all kinds of questions.

"Miss Li, are you with Mr. Si or with Mr. Herren?"

"Miss Li, we saw you kissed Mr. Herren in the photos. Are you going to get married soon? Or is it just a romantic gesture?"

"Miss Li, the wedding of Mr. Si and Miss Mo is just around the corner. How about you and Mr. Herren? Will you get married too?"

She stopped and smiled. "Sorry. This is the office area. Those questions are my private affairs. They have nothing to do with my work. Thank you!"

After hearing those words, the reporters, of course, were not satisfied, and they gabbled more. "Miss Li, it's said that the shares of your company have increased a lot. Are you using the affairs to increase the hype and fame of your company?"

Hype? Lola sneered silently and thought to herself, "I am not someone who takes advantage of people just to become wealthy and famous."

"Miss Li, are you keeping contact with Mr. Si?"

A few guards came over, and finally Lola could move away from them. She was relieved a little as she entered the elevator.

She rubbed her temples and thought, "A man dreads fame as a pig dreads being fat. What an appropriate saying...It sucks to be famous... I really just want a simple and comfortable life."

Lola went to a party at noon and a meeting for a contract negotiation at night. She looked at the time. It's already getting late. Work had really consumed all of her time now.

Lola took out her phone, dialed Thomas Herren's number and asked his address.

In a Condo.

Lola bought some fruits in a supermarket and a pigeon soup stewed with mushroom in a well-know

staring blankly at her.

He came to his senses and let go of her arm immediately. "I'll go and have a look." Just then, he walked out quickly. It seemed like he was trying to avoid something...

Standing beside the sink, she was relieved a little, swung her arm and muttered, "I shouldn't have come here at night...What should I do if it leads to some misunderstandings?"

There was no medicine for scald in the first aid kit. "Wait a moment, I'll go out to buy some." He entered his bedroom to change into casual clothes.

She wanted to refuse and go back home. But he had already entered his room and closed the door.

She sat on the sofa and watched him walk out hurriedly. As the door closed, both of them felt relieved.

In the Leroy Manor of C Country.

In the study, standing by the window, Harry answered the phone from his bodyguard. His eyes got angry. "Boss Si, Miss Li went to a condo. I didn't know who's there, but I saw Mr. Herren came out. And it seems like he is going to a nearby drugstore."

It was so late. She stayed in his house, and he went to a drugstore. Did he go there to buy...condoms? Or the contraception pills?

When he thought of these, he unconsciously held the goblet tighter, with his veins showing on his arms. With a crash, finally, the goblet was broken.

"Damn it! Yesterday you were in my arms, and now you're in his? What a woman! She can't stand being alone!"

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