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   Chapter 222 On the Hot Search

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Updated: 2018-06-28 14:36

Harry, at the CEO office in C country, was very angry for being hung up. "Well done! She is growing supercilious now. She should be taught a lesson. She not only stayed with that man, but also even dared to hang him up!" Harry thought to himself.

The man sat in an office chair, his face showing a lot of anger and despair.

Just then, someone entered the office. Joey, who didn't know what happened, held his mobile phone with a trembling hand. When Joey saw that his face was overcast with anger, he hesitated to come to him. "This is not good", he thought in his mind.

In this case, he should not let him know about the news. At thought of this, Joey drew back her phone immediately and put it in his pocket. He stepped back to the office door.

The petty action of Joey didn't escape his shrewd eyes. "Take out your phone!" The low and deep voice from his boss was like a voice from hell. It scared him and he stood there, frozen and motionless.

After Joey wiped the sweat off his face, he honestly told boss, "Boss, you're in a bad mood, so I think it's better for you not to see the news."

After hearing this, that man stared at him ever angrier. Joey took out the phone quickly, and then gave it to Harry as he made his way to his desk.

He also flipped his phone page to the hot topic of Weibo, and then put the phone on the office desk.

A conspicuous title appeared in his eyes: Ex-president Kisses the Female CEO of SL Group on the Streets.


The picture was very clear: a man was hugging tightly a woman who was holding a bunch of blue enchantress in the street. They were kissing each other!

Comments had exploded on the Internet, and people have been clamoring for more gossips and rumors. The most popular one of which is that: "Mr. Si, come out and fight back. There is someone who wants to snatch your Miss Li."

Besides that, the other remarks were made from fans of Thomas: "Dear Thomas, can you not jam into the relationship between them, making a worldly love triangle?"

Moreover, an online friend named Drinking Vinegar in Leisure Time made a comment: "Mr. Si has his own fiancee. What are you talking about? So dear Thomas must be with Miss Li!"

Harry scanned the online remarks casually, and found out that most of the people supported Thomas.

He clenched Joey's phone for quite a while. "Delete all of these, " he said in a low voice.

At the nex

a's recent news were even hotter than her younger brother's. "You must break it as soon as possible. Otherwise, your reputation will be ruined by the two men."

Lola nodded her head and chatted with her mother about Nicole. After a while, Angie left.

When she was already alone, Lola opened the Weibo hot search. The kissing picture of her and Thomas was reposted and the number of hot remarks had reached hundreds of thousands.

"Ah, it's a pity that she won't return to the entertainment circle." She secretly grinned.

The first hot commentary actually included a remark that they should be together. She was even more silent.

The second was to tell Harry someone is stealing her woman and ask him to stay alert.

She also found positive comments on her. Then of course, there were some bad ones: "A woman of no morals, being two-timing and hooking a someone else's fiance!" She spent a long time reading all of the remarks and comments.

Eventually, she turned off the phone, took a shower and went to sleep.

In SL Group.

Lola, who had just left his brother's car, saw the company's doorway surrounded by many people. They should be the reporters.

"It was definitely the news last night that led the reporters to come to verify." Lola thought. She sat back again into the car, letting her brother drive into the underground parking lot. She prepared to avoid reporters and take the elevator directly to the CEO's office.

However, she did not expect that there were several reporters around the elevators in the underground parking lot... This was really getting out of hand.

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