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   Chapter 221 Blue Enchantress

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7333

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Having seen that Lola became very speechless, Thomas Herren gently held her hand and put the flowers in it.

"Hmm. Don't you like it?"

Lola shook her head and said, "Yeah, but... that is too much for me... I don't think I can accept this..."

"Well, fine. You don't have to worry about that. All you are to me is more than enough." He gently cut off her words by raising his index finger.

She just looked at him blankly and stood motionless. For a moment there, she did not know what to say. She thought he was going to give up on her. She did not expect that Thomas would love her this much.

Thomas put down his finger, noticed that Lola was in a bit of a trance, and grinned at her. He knew what she was thinking. But he just can't let go of her. His mind says that he should go but his heart strongly disagrees.

"Do you have any free time these days? How about we going out with Nicole for several days? It's all I ask." Thomas hid his tone of desperation by smiling again.

Lola pondered a little bit, thought of his sweet words and said, "No, I know you have just resigned. But you must still be very busy."

She refused him like she always used to do, leaving him no chance. Thomas clenched his fists in the dark.

"Lola, he is going to be married. Can't you see that? I don't want you to be hurt again."

He asked her in a serious tone. The smile on his face was gone.

She took a deep breath and looked at him who looked angry, and replied, "Mr. Herren, I said I would not give up."

Thomas withdrew his gaze, leaned against the back of the chair and closed his eyes. What should he do with her? It seemed like he has done everything he could.

It was so silent in the car that the driver also became nervous. He has never seen Mr. Herren be so angry like this.

They arrived at the pedestrian street. Thomas got out of the car and walked over to open the door for Lola.

She promptly got out of the car, leaving the bouquet behind.

But Thomas took out the bouquet from the car and put it into Lola's hands. "Take it with you for dinner. Please."

... "Thomas is acting rather weird. He has been so pushy today." Lola thought to herself. Thomas was alwa

s and they came to save them.

Just when Lola doubted who they were, the phone in her bag rang and she quickly took out the phone. It was Harry...

Looking at the people who were fighting with the gangsters in front of her, she probably knew. She felt a warm sense in her heart.

"Are you with him?" Harry asked from the other side of the phone. He was obviously unhappy.


"Lola, stay away from him." He warned sternly. Those people who were sent by Joey could be replaced. When Lola was in trouble, they didn't go to save her at first, but called Harry for further instruction.

Lola remembered her thoughts early that day. "I must hang up, Mr. Herren was injured." She immediately hung up the phone and put it in her bag. At the same time, Thomas had contacted the chauffeur.

She lifted his arm and the blood began to drip. It looked like a deep cut.

The blood made Lola feel dry in her mouth. She wanted to touch his wound but failed with fear.

"It's no big deal, don't worry." What mattered to Thomas was not the cut on his arm, but the fear on Lola's face.

After a while, patrolmen came to their aid.

None of the bodyguards sent by Harry were injured. They seized a few gangsters and sent them to the police car.

The chauffeur drove there as quickly as he could.

He was shocked to see that Thomas was wounded. Only today that there were no bodyguards, and bad things happened... They should be more careful next time.

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