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   Chapter 220 Thomas Herren's Resignation

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 9232

Updated: 2018-06-28 10:55

Soon enough, Lola's WeChat app stopped working.


She cast it away in distress. It may have crashed because of the barrage of messages that she received. It would be wiser to concentrate on her work first.

Around noon Lola turned her phone on again to search for a nearby restaurant for her lunch. She clicked open the Weibo app and was surprised of what she saw.

The headline was Thomas Herren's resignation. The internet was full of its coverage. It became a nationwide issue.

Lola's attention was caught immediately. She stopped chewing her food as she quickly browsed through the news. It shocked her that Thomas Herren had officially resigned from his post today and was now taking a back seat and working on some minor governmental issues. It was really true. She actually thought that Thomas was just bluffing...

But he really quit his job! It stirred the world that he just suddenly decided to resign from the position of the president.

Major news platforms were reporting the matter in details.

Many citizens felt greatly sorry that their handsome and kind president decided to fade out of the stage. Thomas Herren was not just a physical specimen, he was also efficient in what he does.

Right at that very moment, the beloved former president was dialing Lola's number.

He couldn't help but think about her all the time. Without even noticing himself, he already dialed her number. His heart still screamed for Lola. All these years...

"How about going to the mall tonight? Will that be okay for you?" His tone was casual and joyful. Lola could sense his smile just by hearing his voice.

She thought about it and happily accepted his offer. "Sure. But I might be finishing late today. There's a lot of work to do." She had a spoonful of her lunch, a plate of paella, which she ordered just moments ago.

This Thomas, he just wouldn't stop chasing after her! Why always her? He could always win anybody's heart. She needed to have a word with him tonight. She needed to stop this. She didn't want to waste his time...

"It's okay, I will come and pick you up." Thomas sat in the armchair on his balcony. He had never been this relaxed. His job always forced him to be alert and mindful of everything.

Lola finished the call by confirming that she will indeed go with him. Then she quickly ate up the remaining food and returned to her company.

As she was about to enter the building, she ran into a woman.

Lola examined the lady in curiosity as she didn't know why she would stop in front of her like that. The chubby woman was in her thirties and was wearing a piece of dark blue dress. She had a pair of white wedges on her feet and a matching bag of the same color in her hands.

The woman looked sad at f

nding and waiting for her. He looked charming with his hands in the trousers' pockets and a big handsome smile. He was looking straight at her.

As Lola walked into his sight, his smile grew even bigger.

Lola returned him a sweet smile: "Sorry for keeping you waiting. I appreciate you coming here to fetch me."

Thomas shook his head. "No big deal. How about dinner with me? What do you fancy tonight? I'll let you choose." They walked towards the limo parked by the roadside. Thomas waved at the driver as he personally opened the back seat door for Lola.

Lola said thank you to him in a soft voice. She couldn't deny that Thomas was really sweet.

When he joined her from the other side of the car, she said: "Anything will do. Surprise me."

Thomas looked at her and said: "I thought hotpot would be your best option." He remembered that was what the due diligence report wrote.

Lola thought for a second and agreed: "Why not. There is one that I would like to try. Right on the high street." She recommended with great interest.

Thomas asked the chauffeur to head for the high street. Then he turned around and fetched a big box for her. His eyes were shining with excitement, "Open it! I hope you like it."

Lola was surprised. She took the box and gazed at the wrapping. She was feeling both excited and anxious about this. It was a delicate square-shaped box with a beautiful white bow on top of it.

The box was huge. She opened it and found a bunch of rare blue roses inside. They were really beautiful. She counted them and realized there were 19 roses on the box.

"I had them air-transported from Japan earlier today. Do you like them? I hope you do." He was very satisfied and fulfilled to see Lola become surprised with joy.

Lola was truly moved. How she wish it was Harry who sent her these roses.

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