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   Chapter 219 All Acknowledged Lola Was Really Loved by Boss Si

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7877

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The next morning.

Lola, refreshed and rejuvenated for another work day, went to the table with Nicole for breakfast. Angie glanced at Nicole, who was wearing a new blue dress, and wondered, "When did Nicole get this dress?"

Lola smiled when she saw her mother stare at her granddaughter's dress. Nicole said happily, "Grandma, mommy said this dress was from uncle Harry. Uncle is so sweet, right?"

Everybody then knew what was going on. They knew that Harry still thought that Nicole was the daughter of Lola and another man.

But he was okay even with that in mind——he surely loved Lola with all his heart and soul.

"I somehow heard a helicopter land outside the villa." When the helicopter arrived last night, Landon was already at bed and didn't get up.

Landon's sudden question embarrassed Lola a bit. She coughed and then explained, "Grandfather, I was just sent back last night by the company from a business trip. There's nothing to look into it, all right?"

Landon then put on the expression of disbelief. The other three just raised their eyebrows and skeptically looked at Lola who was hiding her embarrassment by eating.

Did they really happen to see Harry? "Well Lola, did you really go on a business trip? Not a date?"

Angie's skeptical joke made Lola hide her head even lower. She just merely replied, "Mother, eat more, talk less."

But Landon knew from the happy look of his granddaughter that she was really glad and contented. He secretly hoped that Harry and Lola would find a way to get back together for real.

Angie fed a teaspoon of soup to Nicole, then remembered, "The mother of that little boy messing with Nicole last time tried to see you and asked you to give her husband a break and some space. What is going on?"

But Lola didn't know a thing about the incident. She raised her head to look at Nicole and said confusingly, "Who is her husband?"

"Jill Wang!" Jordan, who was silently eating his meal, looked up and said, "I don't know him. Who is that man?" Who was Jill Wang? Why would her wife tell her to give this Jill some space? What had happened?

Angie stared at her son, and wondered whether Jordan did something to cause this conflict.

"His son lifted Nicole's dress; his mother said something bad about Nicole; so I texted Nicole's father. It's the right thing to do." Jordan said s

while ago.

The East Group were all ecstatic. Someone had as much as over 100 dollars——pretty good luck!

For red packets, the amount was not that important. As long as the number was not as little as several pennies, everybody would feel pretty good then. It was just like a game!

"Miss Li rules. Thank you, Miss Li!" What Swan said in the senior executives group made everybody else join the thank you group.

Lola thought for a while, then encouraged and motivated the members, "That's all right. We are all working for a better SL company. Let's strive together and achieve more success in the future."

Harry replied, "Nice words. You deserve a red packet."


Following these words, Harry sent a red packet to Lola in the CEO group. Others in the group all had a tacit agreement not to get it. They respected the both of them that much. Though they were not face to face with each other, Lola blushed and claimed the red packet.

"Thank you, Boss Si. You're still the best." She replied politely and sent new red packets in the group.

In over ten minutes, all CEOs and some senior executives of SL company all acknowledged Lola was really loved by Boss Si.

They all thought well of Lola since she was quite generous. Yet they didn't know that the money actually came from Boss Si.

Then Lola dealt and accepted many friend requests.

Requests were from the SL company and the fan group she was in earlier. As long as she didn't see them as bad influences, she accepted every request. She was feeling quite generous...and really happy.

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