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   Chapter 217 I Will Be Yours

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7647

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The man put on a disgusting smirk and then hurriedly knelt on top of the almost naked Yolanda.

Knowing that this was an opportunity that is too good to be true, he seized the moment before he sent her to the hospital.

Inside the Castle.

"I kind of envy Yolanda now. She can even bravely take that liger by herself. She must be a perfect match for you." Lola, slapped Harry boldly in the shoulder, to the latter's surprise.

Harry, who was applying the ice cubes on her face, first gave her a cold look, then said seriously, "I will never even touch her. You are the one, the only one. Don't you worry a bit." Then he looked deep in thoughts and added in a more serious tone, "Unlike you, I don't sleep with others."

For a few seconds, Lola felt quite confused. But at the thought of Nicole, their beautiful daughter, she straightened it all out.

"Oh, Harry, you are making fun of me. I have already endured all the negative things because for four years, I stood silent. But now, my daughter and I need the family that we have always desired. I will let you know the truth after I am pregnant!" Lola thought.

She pretended to be angry, moved his hand away from her and stood from the sofa.

But Harry refused to let her go and pulled her back to his lap.

Lola drew her face away in an angle that he couldn't see.

"Well, well. I will never mention it again." He consoled her gently. After all, they were divorced for four years already. He was not entitled to force her to be faithful to him.

Especially when it came to Thomas Herren, God knows what tricks he played to get Nicole.

She prepared for a while and then her tears flooded. She looked back at the gentle man pitifully and said, " If you are really angry with the fact that I am sleeping with another man, you should just let me go. I was not faithful to you, anyway."

Harry panicked at the sight of her tears. He put down the ice cubes and wiped her tears away. "Silly, let bygones be bygones. Tell me, who occupies that heart of yours?"

He looked her directly in the eye. No lie could ever escape his eyes. Lola blinked her eyes and remembered that she once asked him, "Do you love me?" He answered, "Have a guess."

"Have a guess." Four years later, she gave back the same answer. It made h

t the feud between Yolanda and Lola.

Yolanda didn't answer his question. She just said, "Pay the medical bill in anonymity and bride the doctor to delete my case. Don't ask the case or my illness. I'll be out of the hospital in a minute."

What really happened? He was hesitant to ask her.

Though quite confused, Nael simply nodded. After putting the hot food before her, he left as she said.

Yolanda ate the food, felt eating the food was like chewing wax. When Nael came back, she abruptly left the hospital with him on her side.

In Waterfront Apartment.

It was around midnight and no one could see them here. Nael took Yolanda, who was still in a hospital gown, to her apartment.

The apartment boasted four rooms and two studios, covering an area of over 200 square meters. Harry gave this to her eight years ago.

The apartment was in a bit of a mess as no one has lived there recently. Nael cleaned it up for her as fast as he could.

He cleaned and fixed the bed and took her to it. But Yolanda didn't just let him go, she kissed him warmly on his lips.

Her mouth has been violated by that liger. It must be cleaned by some other's mouth. She thought to herself.

The sudden kiss almost paralyzed Nael. What was wrong with Yolanda today? He was both surprised and pleased. He could not understand why she suddenly had an eye for him. Was she using him for some purpose?

At the last moment, Nael remembered her wound, so he forced himself to let go of the beautiful body and let her rest.

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