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   Chapter 216 Let Her Imagination Run Wild Without Borders

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"H..H..Harry! The liger is attacking Yolanda! And she is going to be eaten by that beast!" What's more, it was live version! She couldn't bear to see this through her very eyes. Yolanda screeched, struggled, and was frantically crying as she was lying on the lawn on her back.

Oh my god! The liger was tightly gripping her! This could cause a lot of rumors and news!

Wait, though this liger hadn't done anything harmful or shameful to Yolanda, if she had a video record Yolanda's embarrassing experience, she could use it to do anything what she wants to do to this bitch in the future.

Hanging up immediately, she opened the camera on her phone, zoomed in, then videoed for a while.

If Yolanda tried to get rid of her, she would upload this video online. Her panic made Lola feel so glad.

Tears ran down Yolanda's cheeks. She was lying on the ground and controlled by the liger. Her arms was pressed tightly by its claws. Her clothes were also bitten to pieces.

Who could drive this disgusting beast away? Somebody help her! "Where are you, Harry? I don't want to be treated like this!" Yolanda murmured.

The stinky smell of the liger made her want to vomit, but she couldn't do anything that might make the creature angry.

Yolanda soon escalated into hysteria and insanity as she screamed with horror and desperation, "Get away from me! Don't touch me! Somebody please help me..."

"Harry, I don't want you to see me like this. No!" thought Yolanda to herself.

Who can save her? She was growing increasingly terrified.

The damned liger! She used all the strength left in her to get rid of its claws.

But what she did was useless. The liger stuck its long tongue and was drooling uncontrollably. When Yolanda smelled the stink from the liger's mouth, she turned her head against it and began to vomit.

On the other hand, Lola worried this liger would become more aggressive, so she looked around and ran to a tree. Luckily, this tree was not very high. Taking off her high-heeled shoes, she began to climb the tree. The rough edges of the trunk scratched her flawless legs.

It was so difficult for her to climb because she hadn't done it for a long time. She could only reach a height which was the half of this tree after several tries to go up much higher. But she eventually gave up and had a clear and vivid view of the place.

It was the first time for her to see a battle between an animal and a human being

angers to each other. But, his Lola would be living in the manor now. He could not risk any danger to happen to her. It was better to send that beast away to avoid something unnecessary from happening.

Beside him, Lola held his hand tightly. He glanced at her and saw that she was shaking her head to him.

It was a pity to send that handsome liger away. She was willing to raise it herself. She believed that today's attack to Yolanda was just an accident.

She would clean this liger carefully and bathe it. Otherwise, she would feel really disgusted whenever she thought it had touched Yolanda.

Harry probably knew what she was thinking about. She was so scared of cats so how could she be fond of that liger?

Then he remembered several days ago, he found a female liger to mate with the male one. The female liger would be delivered here several days later. So he nodded his head. "Don't send it away any more. Just lock it in the cage."

"All right, Mr. Si." Sighing with relief, the trainer locked the cage and found the torn clothes nearby.

"Even a beast could grope a woman.", thought the trainer. Glancing at the embarrassing Yolanda who was lying on the ground, he came up with a wicked idea and laughed loudly.

He pretended to cover Yolanda with his clothes when he thought there were monitoring equipment all around the Manor. Then he carried her into the car and drove away.

Harry's manor was in a secluded place. However, the trainer stopped his car at a more secluded place.

He looked at Yolanda with flame in his eyes. Damn! She had such smooth skin and perfect figure... She was so irresistible.

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