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   Chapter 215 The Liger

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It was already afternoon when Lola woke up again. She found herself alone in the large luxurious room. She had completely overslept.

Totally exhausted from all the work that she had to recently, she dragged herself to the bathroom, a sophisticated room covered with light brown hand-painted tiles.

A large mirror divided the suite into two areas. In the outside, two wash basins were laid alongside a round table that had all kinds of toiletries on it.

There was an expensive automatic toilet and a large couch inside. Designers also arranged a circular bathtub next to a French window. It was big enough to hold a dozen people.

Since the sea was not far from the room, one can both enjoy a hot bubble bath and a beautiful view of the sea at the same time. Harry really knew how to live in the rich lane!

Lola turned on the tap and slowly stepped into the bathtub where water was already gently flowing and filling the tub. To fully enjoy her private moment, she also drew the curtain before soaking herself in a warm milk bath.

After relaxing for a long time, she dried her hair and walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her, the white carpet softly caressing her delicate feet.

Seeing her clothing fragments on the floor, she had a flashback to last night when Harry greedily tore off her clothes like a wolf and flung them to the ground. Such wonderful, sexy memories......

So she decided to wear his clothes. She went into the cloakroom where suits, shirts and trousers hang neatly in several wardrobes. Harry had all types of attires in here! Suddenly she noticed the layer for neckties. Why did the neckties seem so familiar to her? Oh! All of them were from her!

All of them!

He did fish them out from the sea! What a surprise!

"OK, for all the bad things you've done for me, I grant you pardon this time." thought Lola with a big grin on her face. She chose one of his shirts to put on.

... The shirt only just covered her legs, but she did not care about it. She rolled up the sleeves and walked out of the cloakroom. She missed Harry and she thought of looking for him.

She took out her phone from her handbag. She still had to unlock the phone when she heard a knock on the door.

She put it down and ran to open the door, only to find Joey standing in the doorway. She thought it was Harry and she was a bit disappointed.

Seeing the sexy lady in front of him, Joey was embarrasse

er strength on running. She muttered in a loud voice, "Why is the mansion so far from here? Come on! Run faster! I don't want to be eaten by that monster!"

Harry looked at the watch on his wrist. It was exactly scatter-feed time for the liger. The animal must be very hungry right now! His heart pacing so fast, he pushed a lever that greatly increased the speed of the car.

Lola risked a glance at her back and became so scared. She slowed down for a second and stammered, "Gosh... Yo...Yolanda… was...knocked down!"

A lot of screaming coming from the phone made Harry frown. What's happened to Yolanda? How dare she come to his manor without his permission?

Lola screamed again before he could say a word, " Harry! The is tearing Yolanda's dress..." She was stunned at the scene that was just within her and forgot about running. She stood there, frozen in terror.

What? It tore Yolanda's dress? Harry couldn't believe his ears. "Isn't there a caretaker nearby?" He asked in panic. He skillfully turned the steering wheel and then saw his manor.

Nobody was around here. She can only hear Yolanda's yelling so she shook her head, "No...nobody is here!...FUCK! What am I going to do?" A sudden curse word from Lola deepened his frown.

What happened? Why is Lola suddenly blurting out dirty words? She seldom said any foul language before! The liger was usually very docile. It could only get scary when it was hungry. Oh gosh, special period! Figuring out the situation, he closed his eyes for a second and took a deep breath.

As he expected, Lola's screaming again confirmed his fearful worries.

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