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   Chapter 214 Have Our Last Romance

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7122

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Private airport, golf course, private lake, transparent greenhouse, wine cellar and the like—— all owned by Harry. Vaguely the sound of waves would come in the ears.

The place where she got off the plane was right at the front door of the three-floor white castle.

Two lines of luxurious street lamps lighted the dark road; fountain in the little garden squirted out spring water. The three-meter white door was opened; in front of it stood a man wearing a black robe.

The man looked at her with his dark eyes while swirling a glass of vintage wine.

The woman wearing a white suit walked increasingly closer; her affection in the eyes could no longer be hidden.

Even Lola, born with a silver spoon, couldn't help marveling at the magnificence of the mansion. When she first arrived here, she somehow felt a bit inferior. How rich is Harry with all those villas, mansions and pricey cars!

On the first floor, two lines of pillars separated the spatial parlor into two, with one side being a lucid swimming pool and the other side being a white exhibition wall of famous paintings.

The man looked at the woman walking towards him, held her hands and moved her closer.

He gave an elegant sip of the wine before putting the goblet on the booth.

He held her in his arms by pulling her hands and kissed her smiling lips.

Her dark eyes was so enchanting that they made Lola's heart racing.

"Hi, my ex." She stepped back a little bit and greeted him with a smile.


Harry had a gulp of wine and prepared to kissed it back to her mouth.


Lola instantly walked a few steps back before saying "Harry, you are gross." She feinted an angry look at the man.

He was gross? Upon hearing this, the man wrinkled his beautiful eyebrows.

He put the goblet aside randomly and lifted her up by her waist.

Her feet suddenly separating the white carpet, Lola hugged his neck in a hurry.

She looked at her mischievous smile and felt quite confused——wasn't her supposed to be punished here.

After going through two lines of pillars finally came the hall, almost covering an area

d dialed the phone of her watchdog in SL Group in A Country. The man helped keep an eye on Lola. Anything related to Harry would be reported to her.

"Where is Lola?", she asked with grinding teeth.

The man on the other side of the phone stood up from the bed and answered only after he arrived at the balcony, "She gave some instructions about the work to the general manager and deputy CEO before going on a two-day business trip. But I'm not clear where she goes."

After hanging up, Yolanda thought for some while whether the woman was Lola. Well, tomorrow she would know after a trip to Leroy Manor where Harry lived.

She then found out Nael's phone and transferred him some money to make Steve be on call.

If that woman was Lola, she would do whatever it takes to get rid of her.

In the morning, the sun shone. Lola was still asleep. The man pulled open the curtain of the balcony after shower. Upon opening the glass door, the sound of waves instantly came to the ears.

Lola rubbed her sleepy eyes. She wanted to get more sleep on the big cozy bed.

Harry went back to bed in robe, took the sleepy Lola in his arms and kissed her red lips.

Lola crooned a bit and hugged his neck.

On the balcony, they enjoyed the sunshine, the sea view and the waves patting. Their place was right towards the sea, the best location for outdoor sports. they never need to mind anyone may interrupt.

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