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   Chapter 213 Reviled and Abused by the Public

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 8203

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Lola politely smiled and nodded at the reporters. She did not want to sound and look arrogant. Then she walked directly to the office.

It was the first time for her to face so many reporters, so she was a little dumbstruck and actually did not know what to say. After going into the building, Lola felt secretly relieved and walked towards the elevator.

In Mo Family of C Country.

Yolanda sat in the living room and stared angrily at the television. It showed the live interview of Lola regarding the issue. Lola was wearing an orange off-shoulder jumpsuit, little to no makeup, yet she was still attractive enough to get lots of men on their feet.

Faced with numerous reporters, she was smiling calmly as if she had everything under control. Lola looked more than a queen, with her orange lipstick. She looked very sophisticated.

Though Yolanda did not want to admit, she can't deny that Lola was perfect and incomparable. She was shining in the spotlight.

A middle-aged couple opened the door. The woman wore a black dress, and the tall and portly man was in a suit.

Seeing her daughter sitting calmly on the couch, Molly Wu approached with her heels tapping noisily on the floor.

"Yolanda! The whole world knows! How could you just sit here doing nothing? This is unacceptable!" Molly hurriedly sat next to her daughter, and stared at the woman on the screen. It was her! That evil of a woman!

James Mo tossed his key to their expensive table made of rose wood, and glanced at her daughter. Now everyone knew the truth. It was becoming a disgrace!

Though James and Molly knew that Yolanda did something really wrong, they still did not want to admit it. They still desired to protect their image.

"Yolanda, ask Harry to have dinner with us."

That Harry didn't even care about his fiancee's parents at all! He was not a true man. Gentlemen do not treat women like this! Was it that easy for him to woo a woman, get together, and suddenly break up with her?

Both of them are already engaged. James could not just ignore the news and approach everything without being angry.

The thought of asking Harry to dine with them made her cringe. Yolanda sneered. Probably he even would not answer her call. He was that cold to her.

"Did you hear what your father just say? Ask Harry to come here tonight!" Molly pulled Yolanda's arm and frowned at her.

Yolanda could not control herself anymore. She shouted, "Mother, I j

orrow, and she planned to spend this night in the lounge after work. She was slowly becoming anxious.

At seven in the evening, somebody knocked at the CEO office. "Come in, please!" Lola looked up at the person standing by the door, while putting her signature on a document.

Joey? She couldn't believe this! He was supposed to be here tomorrow, right? What was he doing here right now?

"Miss Li, my boss asked me to pick you up!" Joey smiled and looked at Lola, who obviously did not expect this. She was stunned. "Silly girl. Did she really think Mr. Si would wait for tomorrow?

Of course he would love to see her as soon as possible. Plus, what a wonderful night this is! How could he waste it!", Joey said to himself in amusement.

Joey was always on the side of Lola. She was really a woman of elegance and had a warm, loving heart.

Lola picked up her files, and rushed to board Harry's private plane...

Harry's plane was exhilarating! There were wine racks, bathrooms, beds, and a dining table with a dozen or so chairs on the luxurious and spacious plane. This must have cost millions!

Lola became very excited as she thought of the man that she was going to see. Chatting and laughing with Joey all throughout the flight, it seemed like the journey was fast and short. They landed at around 9 PM.

The plane landed in the clearing, then the door opened.

Lola walked down the steps cautiously in her high heels. Though it was at night, she was shocked and amazed by what she saw.

An extravagant estate showed before her very eyes, covering an area of at least hundreds of hectares. Oh, this is life!

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