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   Chapter 212 So Powerful

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With a happy gaze, Lola kissed her daughter on the cheeks again. After greeting and doing the usual small talk with her parents and grandfather, she hurriedly sat on the sofa. "Nicole, how is everything going in school? Are you having fun with your teacher and classmates? Do you listen to what your teacher says? Are you a good girl in school?", Lola asked, obviously missing her daughter so much.

Angie remembered something and her look became somewhat strange. She heard Nicole said," Mommy, I have hit a boy because he lifted my skirt. You told me once that boys should not lift girls' skirt. It's not good, right?" Nicole complained in a very angry tone.

Hearing Nicole voice out a complain made Lola shudder a bit. Her baby girl was surely growing up now. Lola looked intently at her daughter and replied, "Are you hurt, did he hit you back?"

"How dare he do this to my daughter? He should be hit in the face too!" Lola thought.

Nicole chuckled and laughed. "Oh, I'm fine. But I did bite him!"

She looked at her laughing daughter and shook her hand. "But next time it happens again, you should tell the teacher so the boy will stop. Okay?"

Angie was listening to her granddaughter's recount of the day and was very amused. Looking at his elder brother and imagining what happened, Lola grinned and said, "Brother, you are so powerful!"

Angie stared at her daughter and interrupted, "What do you mean by being powerful? It was him who should deal with that and not make any trouble! It's time to marry your friend so as to control him."

All of a sudden, Angie took out a piece of paper from the drawer and passed it to Lola. "Look, select one of the dates from these three!"

Asking Lola to choose the date? Really? Lola looked back at her brother. Jordan said in a very calm tone, "I'm OK with these three days. No worries."


Lola have been worrying about this wedding for some time. Would Wendy be happy if she marry Lola's brother? Jordan did not want to show his emotions and was a bit conservative.

"Brother, Wendy is my best girlfriend. Could you be more concerned about your wedding and be more active in preparing for it?"

Jordan abruptly picked the paper from Lola's hand and said, "Then, that's the date!" He selected the date in the middle.

Lola counted the days. It would be just within the month.

"The wedding ceremony will be prepared and organized by mother.

the child who you were with in the amusement park the same child that you and Harry Si gave birth to?"


Lola listened to all the questions in a calm outside appearance but her mind was all messed up. All these years, people had seen her in a negative way and had not paid much attention to her. She was not used to this.

Because of Harry's permission especially regarding his actions in Lillian's publishing office, almost all the journalists in the city came today!

If she didn't say a word about what she feels, would she be unfair and unreasonable? Or be so hard to deal with?

She then smiled to one of the cameras and said in a sophisticated and reassuring manner, "Good morning, everyone. We are in the grounds of my company. As an acting CEO, it is not suitable to answer any of your questions about my private life here. We have to maintain our professionalism at all times. Please pay more attention to SL and support the group. Thank you!"

"Miss Li, can I have a second with you for a one-on-one interview?"

"Yes, Miss Li. Although you're not in the entertainment circle anymore, you still have a lot of fans who want to hear from you. Just for them, can I ask you some questions?"


In that very moment, a group of guards came to the aid of Lola and helped her find rush through the entrance door. "I apologize but I have been busy with my work recently. If any journalists want to ask me about something, please contact with my assistant, Leo Zhu and he will respond to your questions. Thank you!" With that, Lola stepped into the building with guards on both of her sides.

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