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   Chapter 211 The Secret of the Old Pocket Watch

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6919

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"Tell Mrs. Fang when you go back that I will return it immediately after it is used."

It was not Lola's and she also didn't want to be in its possession either. Though she was unwilling to search for the secret of the old pocket watch, she couldn't guarantee that, maybe, she could change her mind in one day.

Without turning back, Jenny Shan nodded and thought that although Lola was in such a high position, she had a good personality.

In Fang's Family.

Opening the door of her villa, Jenny smelled the fragrance of Tieguanyin, a variety of oolong tea. A white-haired lady with cheongsam stood in the front of the bamboo table and enjoyed her tea.

The wrinkles on her face couldn't hide her serious and calm manner.

Hearing the door open, she slowly opened her eyes.

Jenny Shan went straightly toward her and spoke respectfully: "Mother, Lola agreed." She knew what her husband was and what he had done. Maybe it was because of her.

Ebisu Yangshe in front of the tea table, tried to stand up and Jenny set aside her bag in a hurry and came to assist her.

"That old pocket watch is an object that many people would be most eager to own. One day, she might go to Mando Bay. Although she could be taken care of by the Blood Sacrifice, Soul Killer would not let her go so easily through the city. God bless her!" Ebisu Yangshe sat on the sofa in the living room and began to pray with her beads.

Thinking of Lola's words, Jenny told her mother-in-law: "She said that if the ring is needed one day, she would return it back soon after that."

If it is needed one day? Didn't she plan to unveil the secret of the old pocket watch?

"Ok, I see! You have spoken with Harry's assistant, haven't you? That assistant seemed normal but he must be someone abnormal. Pay close attention to him." Ebisu Yangshe was now lost in thought. If she was right, Joey must be related with Mando Bay and he must be big.

If Joey was related to Mando Bay, what a powerful man Harry was!

She had paid attention to the recent news in entertainment about a triangl

age again. In the past, she refused to bury her inmost thoughts.

But now, she had to think about things more concisely in most circumstances, about what she should or shouldn't say.

She admired them...

"Thank you that you still love me, it means a lot. But I'm now living a happy life and I have no plan to return to the entertainment business. How about I send you a request to be your Wechat friends? Then we could communicate more often when we are free."

Then, she took her phone out of the bag, and requested to be their Wechat friend, and also took a picture with them. After that, she went straight back home.

As she arrived at home, she heard that her phone was ringing. When she looked at it, it was amazing! Those girls had set up a group named " Our Sister", and Lola was a member of them.

The group was full with 500 people in a second.

After so many years, she still had so many fans out there.

"Hello, everyone! I'm Lola. Nice to see you guys." She sent them a sentence. Getting out of her Maserati, she went toward the villa as she played with her phone.

In the villa.

Landon looked happy as he saw the running Nicole. Angie and Jordan were also at home, but not Harold.

"Mommy!" Nicole ran to her mom when she saw her back home again.

She hugged and kissed her "My sweetheart!"

"Mommy, Nicole missed you so much! I love you!"

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