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   Chapter 210 Mando Bay

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Although Angie appeared to be serious, her tone was very gentle and kind: "Little friend, you are a boy. Boys shouldn't lift a girl's skirt. As you're a man, you should go and apologize to Nicole first, okay?"

Zac Wang timidly looked up at his mother. Although Marry's face was a bit embarrassed, she nodded. As this family was untouchable, she had to get out of this situation one way or another!

Zac Wang went to Nicole with his head lowered and with tears in his eyes, and said to her in a weak voice: "Sorry, Nicole."

Nicole proudly lifted his head up. Although she was shorter than Zac, she raised her head so that she would be looking down at him with a superior air: "I forgive you for lifting my skirt, but I won't forgive you for the other things. Your mother called me a bastard!" She was a princess, indeed!

Marry Li looked nervous. She obviously did not have father. Why shouldn't she tell the truth?

God. Did she really want her to apologize?

"Mom, apologize to Nicole." Zac Wang tugged at Marry Wang's clothes, frightened that he'll be beaten again.

Marry Li didn't want to apologize, but the principal saw it fair: "Zac Wang's mother, please apologize to Nicole, and Nicole, apologize to Zac, okay?" The principal kindly touched Nicole's little head to comfort her.

Well, all of the children of this kindergarten were from powerful families. Just now, her uncle had said that her father's background was more powerful than that of anyone's, so he was even more powerful than they were. Afterwards, she would have to treat this little heir well!

"Fine." Nicole nodded obediently.

Marry, licking her lips, struggled a bit and finally said: "Nicole, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have called you like that!" Bastard! She actually said that!

"It's OK, I forgive you! Zac Wang, I want to apologize to you. I shouldn't have bitten your arm! If you're still hurt, let my uncle take you the hospital!" Nicole's proud manner of handling things made everyone shook their heads. If Lola had seen this, she would have definitely beat Nicole!

Zac Wang was still thinking that, from now on, he would never dare to irritate Nicole again. Hearing her words, he quickly shook his head. "It doesn't hurt, it doesn't hurt…"

Looking at h

nd my mother-in-law is willing to give this to you as long as you can agree to release her son. A person who has been disabled and a bankrupt company will no longer have any hope of turning up to good."

Her mother-in-law? Who was she? Why and how did she own this ring?

Seeing that she was doubtful, Jenny Shan smiled at her and spoke again: "My mother-in-law had never wanted to say it. Now that the ring has been given to you, it's no longer important if it is said or not. My mother-in-law is one of the ninth generation heads of the Blood Sacrifice. She left Mando Bay for my father-in-law a long time ago."

Looking at the ring in front of her, Lola asked: "Shouldn't you go to Boss Si for this matter? Why did you come to me?"

She became more curious about the secret of the old pocket watch.

What was in it? Why should she go through Mando Bay, that terrible place?

Jenny Shan walked up to her and looked at the woman who was still stunned even by the power she had in her hands: "My mother-in-law had contacted Boss Si, and he said that it was all up to you."

Did Harry want her to make the final decision? Looking at the ring in her hand, Lola said plainly: "OK, thank Mrs. Fang for me!"

She was a kind woman, and she sacrificed the treasure she had for her son. Lola wished that Danny Fang would turn up to be a nice guy in the future.

"Thank you, Miss Li. I'm leaving now." Jenny Shan felt relieved. But Lola spoke again to her when she had just turned around to leave.

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