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   Chapter 209 I Will Do It for You

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There were just a few desks and chairs in the office, and there were only two teachers working in the office. Jordan's handsome appearance attracted all of their attention. Oh! He looked rather handsome in the uniforms...

"Uncle Jordan!" A small pink figure rushed over to him and hugged his thigh when he entered the principal's office. Jordan smiled and bent down to hug his lovely little niece.

The kindergarten's principal, who was a woman more than 50 years old, knew that Nicole had a strong family background, and when she saw Jordan's military clothes, she could not help but weaken her voice to him. "Mr. Li, Nicole just beat her classmate."

Jordan put Nicole down and looked at the little boy and his mother. The fat boy was dressed in a gray sports suit and his mother, Marry Li, who was about thirty years old, had been yelling and shouting just before she saw Jordan entering the office: "Call this bastard's parents and ask them to apologize!" Her momentum now ran without a trace.

"Hello... I am... Zac Wang's mother. Please see how Nicole bit my baby son's arm!" The more Marry Li said, the more distressed she felt for her son and what had happened to him. She picked up her son's sleeve and revealed a spot where there were a few green and purple teeth markings.

Jordan looked at her niece with an irreverent look and Nicole immediately argued. "Uncle Jordan, Zac Wang lifted my little skirt and Mommy said that the boys were not allowed to lift girls' skirts!"

Nicole crossed her arms on her chest while speaking and she looked just like a small adult.

Marry Li's frustration got weaker, but she still opened her mouth and spoke: "You are still young, he can't see anything by lifting your little skirt up. But you can't bite your classmate's arm like this!" Marry Li really wanted to give the girl a lesson all on her own.

Hearing their words out, Jordan casually leaned against the desk and took out a cigarette, but he soon put it on his ear, as he remembered there were still children around them. He really lift Nicole's skirt. He glanced at his little niece and at the aggr

ent brown eyebrows high and pointed her nostril up to the sky and revealed her teeth. She fiercely pulled Nicole over, raising her right hand and almost slapped her little face.

A strong force took over her raised arm and threw her back. Marry Li groaned, secured herself by holding on to the table, and angrily glared at the man who had flung her in such a manner.

Another car was now being parked in the nursery school. The principal was relieved when she saw the person that was getting out of the car.

Angie was wearing a white military uniform and a military cap. Marry Li was stunned again. Their whole family were soldiers!

"Grandma!" Nicole smiled brightly as she looked at Angie.

Angie was relieved as she saw her grand-daughter was fine. "What happened, principal?" She took a serious look at all the people in the office and exuded the majesty of soldiers, which was exactly the same as that of Jordan's.

The principal briefly explained the situation, and she glanced at Jordan before she dared to tell the truth.

Angie glanced at her eldest son after hearing the principal's words. She asked him to come to handle the problem, not to make the problem worse!

She then looked at Zac. Marry Li was immediately scared and wanted to protect her son.

Angie took a look at the woman who protected her son, crossed her, and squatted to look and speak at Zac from the same height.

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