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   Chapter 208 I Won’t Interfere

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 8030

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Rose reminded Yolanda that they should go to take some wedding photos these days.

In the SL Group

In the CEO's office, which was over a hundred square meters big, symmetrical glasses were placed on both the southern and northern sides of the room, with a white, very expensive, desk in the middle. The floor was covered with white floor tiles.

There were many books on the topic of management and several famous masterpieces on the lattice bookshelves at the entrance on the east side. On the western side of the office, there was a white luxurious sofa set and some other valuable furnishings.

A noble man sat at his desk with a cigarette in his mouth, silently viewing the headlines that popped up on his phone. Was this why the woman had asked him not to mind whatever he saw today?

Now the whole world knew of their relationship. She was so anxious and happy that she even posted their marriage certificate online. Why was she so restless?

Then the data on the computer showed the stock market of the SL group in A Country, which had a substantial increase, all because of Lola.

Joey knocked at the door of the office and walked in. Looking down at the ground, he reported to Harry respectfully. Actually, he felt pretty guilty while reporting to him. He had supported Lillian and Lola without the boss' permission.

"BOSS, the stock price in A Country has now risen a lot. Do you want me to set up a meeting and rejoice?" Joey closed his mouth immediately as Harry glanced at him.

Sitting on his office chair with his legs crossed, Harry looked at Joey, who was in front of him, with a cold stare, and faintly opened his mouth and began speaking: "I don't know when you began to support Lola in all of this. How about I transfer you to A Country as her assistant?"

Joey immediately pulled up his face and put on a pitiful look. "Boss, I didn't mean in that way, that's totally wrong. I'm only loyal to you!"

His loyalty could have clearly been witnessed by heaven and earth!

Harry casually started to tap the desk with his index and middle fingers. "You don't need to focus only on me. Since you are good at taking photos, go and buy a camera. It's your duty to handle this month's promotion work of the company."

Oh my god, promotion work... As the SL Group was huge, the promotion work would also be unimaginably hard!

Joey almost cried out in despair

e quickly found an excuse in her mind: "The village head of Echo Bay will arrive to discuss the future development plan!"

The man over the phone immediately agreed: "OK, I will ask Joey to pick you up two days later then."

He smiled, but she couldn't see.

In the general headquarters of A Country.

A group of female soldiers dressed in white military uniforms were taking goose steps on the wide training ground armed with guns.

Angie, who was also in the same white uniform, was talking with the Vice President of A Country to approve the military parade. While they were speaking, her female soldier assistant rushed over with her mobile phone, and whispered in her ear to avoid the Vice President from hearing: "General, it's the kindergarten teacher's call."

Glancing at the Vice President in front of her, Angie wondered why the teacher would be calling her just now. "Go and call my eldest son and let him handle it. If he is not available, come to me again!"

The assistant immediately returned to her temporary lounge, found Jordan's phone and called him.

Jordan, who was also involved in the training, received the phone call. After hearing that his little niece had some problems in kindergarten, he immediately drove with his military vehicle there.

In the Future Star Art Kindergarten.

When Jordan arrived, Nicole's teacher, a boy and the parents of the boy were waiting for him in the principal's office. Everyone felt suddenly nervous, as they saw through the windows Jordan getting out of his car in a formal military uniform and entering the kindergarten.

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