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   Chapter 207 My Sister Was Not The Third Woman

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Lola could recognized the voice. If it was not Yolanda, then who was that? She felt sadder and her eyes turned red. It was definitely Yolanda. She was too late.

As they were still together so late, had they already decided to live together?

If she allowed them to continue this way, would she really become the mistress? No, it can't be…

While she did not speak, Harry did not bother to press her into saying anything. They were silent and could only hear the slight breathing of one another.

Lola gripped the chair on the balcony tightly with her right hand, took a deep breath, and opened her mouth.

"Boss Si, there's something I want to ask you for help tomorrow. I hope it's still possible for you to help me out."

Hearing that polite request, he frowned unconsciously and replied in a cold tone, "What happened?"

He was so cold and indifferent that she was embarrassed, feeling unable to speak.

"Well, I want to ask you not to mind whatever you see tomorrow. I want to ask you to just forget about something that will happen tomorrow morning." She lowered her head and said in an even lower voice.

He just replied, "It depends."

After keeping silent for a moment, she opened her mouth softly, "Okay, have a good rest, Boss Si. Sorry for bothering you. Thank you."

When the phone was hung up, Harry kept looking at the phone in his hand, unwilling to put it down for a long time.

Wouldn't she say more? She had always told him about everything.


Lola directly hung up the phone and sent a message back to Lillian. "Send it, I'll handle every bad thing that will happen. I will always be the one to blame."

As Harry gave her an ambiguous answer, Lola could only say that if he got angry, she hoped that she could afford to live with his anger...

When Lola arrived at the company the next day, it was already in the peak hours of work. Her colleagues, who came back and forth, greeted her.

But today, it seemed that they looked at her in a very different way. She became a bit cautious.

Were they feeling pity towards her? Maybe regretful? Or was it just sympathy? What the hell?

She thought about what she did last night. When she returned to the office, she immediately opened her mobile phone to check the Weibo news.

As she hoped, the name of Yolanda became the headline of Weibo in the hot red font. Her current Weibo had also been fleshed out by others and became a hot topic with Harry.

She casually clicked on a pie

ized as the third woman! It was over for her.

In this case, the company would terminate the contract with her. They couldn't risk a loss in support. In the worst case, Rose would prevent her from marrying Harry...

Just at that moment, someone knocked at her door. She turned her cellphone off and tried to cool her emotions. She opened the door. It was Rose who stood outside with a pale and disappointed face.

Unexpectedly, her first sentence went out like, "This damn vixen, why did she go beyond her limits!

Why did she post the marriage certificate? It happened hundreds of years ago. Why did she reveal it just now?"

"Auntie, it's okay. I love Harry. I don't care about other people!" She did not care about other people, but she would definitely not let Lola off the hook! She would take her revenge at her!

Rose looked at Yolanda, who looked very dismayed, and comforted her, "Yolanda, don't worry. No matter what others say about you, you are the daughter-in-law of the Si family. After you get married, quit the entertainment industry and give birth to my grandson at home!" She patted Yolanda's hands.

During Yolanda's stay here, she took good care of Harry. Despite her superstar status, Yolanda actually had taken a low profile and had taken care of Harry and was also very polite to the elders. She was really a good girl!

Yolanda movingly looked at Rose. "Auntie, you are so kind to me. You know that I really love Harry! Please do continue supporting me. I need you, Auntie."

"Of course, I know. Or else I will not support you like this!" Rose straightened her clothes and patted Yolanda's hands again with a smile.

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