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   Chapter 206 I Can't Bear the Consequence

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 8898

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Did she hear him right? To trick Harry to see me? But how? Lola was really confused as she didn't get what Thomas meant. What should she do then?

She grabbed his hand out of desperation and innocently asked, "Thomas, sorry... But could you please show me the way out?" She sincerely meant this as she knew Thomas had a crush on her but she could not return the feelings. Thomas had done nothing wrong to her and had been a good friend. On the contrary, she was doing something that would hurt his feelings right now.

Thomas grinned bitterly as he gazed at her naive look. He could tell that she was really in love with Harry.

"You need to figure out an incident, exaggerate it and try to get the attention of the media. Of course, you should do all this without ruining both your reputation and his. This should be planned carefully and thoroughly. Therefore, he would have to contact you because he will definitely be concerned." He spoke with a calm tone, hoping she would understand what he was saying. He believed in her capabilities that she would definitely be able to find even better ways.

Lola thought about his words. Then, she suddenly realized that she actually had a picture of this in one of her discs. It should work!

She controlled her feelings and apologetically replied, "Thomas, I hope one day, you will find someone better than me. You are a good man and you deserve the best woman out there." Her look was sincere and her eyes were shining.

Thomas Herren was such a nice man. One day, he would make someone really happy with all his charm and good manners. It was a pity that her heart was already occupied by Harry. If she met Thomas Herren first, she would definitely be with him.

Lola looked deeply into Thomas' eyes, as if they had some untold secrets.

She couldn't help but compare these two men in her heart.

Thomas Herren gave her an impression of a super mature guy with a hint of a mysterious personality. When she was with him, sometimes she felt a little bit nervous as she could not really be true to herself. She would always feel a bit awkward with him.

Harry Si, with his poker face and expressionless gestures, was always indifferent to everything. However, he had warm special feelings towards her. Even though he would occasionally cast cold glances, she could still sense his affection underneath his seemingly cold mask. Whenever she was with Harry, she could act like herself. Just like a child, she was able to mess around and do things at her own will. He would always be there, help her out and solve issues for her.

The thought made her guilty. Lola lowered her head and said in

nd it necessary. To be honest with you, I need to deal with Yolanda. I hope you know what to write in your report! I really need this as soon as possible." She hid her true agenda. She didn't mind telling her about the whole Yolanda issue as she knew Lillian a long time ago and found her trustworthy.

This picture would expose way too much secrets. "Your ex-husband was kind of difficult to deal with. If our magazine is ruined because of your picture, I can't bear the consequence."

The magazine she worked for was one of the leading ones in D City. Back then, her boss invested a huge sum of money in it. She could not risk everything just because of a single picture.

Lola thought for a moment and wondered if she should call Harry to notify him in advance. That sounded better.

"Hold on now. I need to call someone." She quickly sent the message to Lillian.

Then she took up every courage in her and dialed Harry's number. The waiting seemed to take forever. Lola felt really nervous.

Since he left, they never contacted each other in private. They only saw each other when they had conference calls with other senior managers.

He finally picked up the call, "What's up?" He sounded really distant. Lola's face went pale and her heart hurt because she thought that he did not love her anymore.

His cold voice made her wonder if she should open her mouth and tell him the truth.

It seemed that he had forgotten about her already. If he no longer cared about her, why should she bother to do these things? Didn't she look like a fool doing all these unnecessary and irrelevant things?

Tortured by her own thoughts, Lola remained in silence until a female voice spoke sweetly over the phone, "Harry, time to sleep! Get off from the phone."

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