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   Chapter 205 I Can't Forget About Him

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 9229

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"Does a movie date sound good to you?" Lola paused as it was already eight in the evening. Wouldn't it be too late for a movie?

Thomas noticed her look and laughed. "I have officially resigned from my job. I have plenty of time to have dates with you from now on!" Harry Si had turned his back from her. Everything should be back to normal, right?

Was this true? He resigned? But his job was very important to him. Lola stared at Thomas in disbelief. "Why did you quit your job? You have already invested so much of yourself in it." She was secretly hoping that he did it not because of her.

Lovingly stroking her long hair dyed in wine color, Thomas gave her a big smile. "It was too tiring. It was time for me to leave anyway. I have no regrets."

He was already thirty five years-old. He has devoted all his time and effort to the government and the country. He felt that he should do something for himself now.

Lola felt relieved as she found out that she shared the same sentiments with Thomas. She had been fully occupied these days herself. She nodded in agreement, "Good for you. It has been the same for me too."

The chauffeur took them to Grandix Mall. Thomas had his sunglasses on as he walked side by side with Lola. There was an obvious awkward connection between them. Together, they went up to the top floor.

Inside Grandix Cinema.

Yolanda and Joseph didn't do film together anymore. They each had their respective films in the prime time shows.

Without any doubts, Lola chose to watch the film Joseph starred in. It was a comedy.

Lola told Thomas to wait for her as she went to get them popcorn and soda.

She smiled at him and explained: "They are essential for watching a movie! Popcorn and soda! Without both of these, it will be really boring just sitting and watching." Thomas smiled in glee when he saw her charming, enthusiastic look.

"This is the first time I came to watch a movie. I don't know about that!" The old version of him had absolutely no time for this kind of activities. He was traveling between countries and cities, dealing with all kinds of public affairs. It was a time-demanding work.

His presence in the cinema turned several heads. Some young girls seemed to spot him and they kept casting flirting glances at his direction.

The movie would start soon so they hurried into the viewing hall.

He had an eventful past and now the only thing he wished for was a simple life. He wished for a life where he get to accompany the one he loved, occasionally go to the mall with her and enjoy a movie or two. This was what he longed for.

On their way to the hall, Thomas held the popcorn between his arm and chest so that he could hold the soda in his left hand and use the r

d sacrifice his life for her nevertheless. If he ever found out that Nicole was his own daughter, would he give her everything in the world?

Lola also regretted that she didn't agree to his proposal the other night that the three of them could leave everything behind and move to another place like Echo Bay and live happily there.

Thomas looked at Lola and felt her pain. He thought for a moment and then said to her in a determined voice, "I know you are concerned about Nicole. You are worried that Harry's family would not accept you and would rather take Nicole away from you. What about you have two Nicoles?"

Things might change a little bit, right? If two "Nicoles" were not able to make Harry and his family change their minds, probably Lola fell in love for the wrong person.

He would definitely not be worthy of Lola's tears...

Lola was absolutely shocked when she heard his words. She studied his face seriously in the dim light.

The street light was shedding warm glow on him and he looked bright and angelic.

Two "Nicoles"… he meant two children...

"Harry's wedding is scheduled in two months' time. It should be enough for you!" Swallowing down his own feelings, Thomas gave Lola a reassuring smile.

He was not happy at all when he saw the sadness on her face. But he could not do anything than just be with her through this hard and difficult stage of her life. He would only feel happy once she cheered up.

Lola's eyes were getting a bit teary as she murmured to herself in a small voice, "But he is now in C Country. He won't give me the chance!"

Thomas gazed at her pale face and could tell she was now desperately relying on him for an answer.

He sighed deeply, saying, "Instead of you going after him, why don't you trick him into seeing you? It would work. Just trust me, Lola."

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