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   Chapter 204 Share Honor and Grace Ever Since

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 10028

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The eldest son in the family had never maintained a good relationship with Zoe. The wife of Andrew didn't like Zoe at all and gave him a hard time.

As raised in a family like that, Zoe developed a serious depression after he moved from D City to the Lu family in A Country.

He refused to take any treatment and said no to one-on-one counseling from psychologists. He preferred to take a natural route to getting rid of his depression, but it never happened. Last December, he even took too many sleeping pills to commit suicide and was just fortunate to still live.

Andrew treated his son like a stranger.

Today he had set this mourning hall here as a very pretentious move!

"Mr. Lu, you know very well how Zoe lived his life. Now that he is dead, I hope you could have some sympathy and honor him with a decent ceremony. You should also sincerely recognize him and his mother as part of your family." Harry held the weeping Lola in his arms and stared coldly at Andrew who apparently felt uneasy at his words. In his eyes, Andrew was feeling uncomfortably guilty.

Without hesitation, Harry continued, "This is not my business to be honest. I am in no position to even bother. However, he saved the lives of the Li family and the Si family. If you do what I say, I will treat you as my friend for the sake of Zoe. However, if you do not follow my instructions on this matter, you need to bear the consequences of it. Zoe is family to me and I do everything I can for my loved ones."

His threat was so obvious that Andrew changed his face in an instant. He understood the power of the Si family and the Li family. He didn't dare to fight them both. Therefore, he gave a forced smile and replied, "Of course you are right. Zoe was my son. I will surely give him a decent ceremony. Thank you."

With these words, he turned to his eldest son and ordered him to reserve a tomb at the PS graveyard. The PS graveyard was located in the eastern side of the capital of A Country. It was surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes and was considered to be the most expensive graveyard in the whole A Country.

But in the mind of the eldest son, Zoe was merely a bastard in the Lu family. He did not deserve this expensive ceremony!

He cast a quick questioning look at his father and just buried his curse inside him. Without saying anything in return, he went off to reserve the tomb.

It was only after people heard about Harry's visit to the Lu family, that more of them showed up at the mourning hall.

Those who arrived early even had the chance to meet Harry Si in person.

After Harry paid his respect to Zoe's coffin, he took off with Lola, who had now calmed down a bit.

He opened the back door of the Maserati for her and then sat into the car himself.

Many people saw them taking off, but they all kept silent and didn't dare to talk to them.

Inside the car, Harry held Lola in a warm embrace. He could read the sadness in her eyes as she rested her head on his st

ue bright smile.

She did not pay attention to the looks from the other people and started running towards him. She flew into his open arms.

He felt as if struck by a lightning when her body touched his. The spark between them was undeniable.

Her eyes were so lovely and her soft lips were inviting. She was wearing a neat white chiffon dress and she had a pair of red high heels on her feet.

They gazed at each other warmly as if the rest of the world no longer mattered. It was like a romantic movie scene.

Their tongues touched. As his breath steamed against her fragile skin, Lola was completely lost.

They were indeed a stunning couple. Even the sunglasses on their faces could not hide away their charm.

The boarding passengers all turned their heads towards their direction.

But in the end, he still chose to leave her behind and board the plane.

Lola stood in the departure hall and saw his plane take off in front of the ceiling-to-floor windows.

A Country had a great weather that day. The sky was clear blue with clouds dotting on it like candy floss.

Lola whispered to herself, "Harry Si, we shall meet again soon!" With that, she put on a smile on her face and became excited to face her life again.

Things went back to normal after Harry left.

But Lola could not lie to herself and she felt that life without Harry was kind of pointless.

Every day, she tried to bury herself in tedious work. She kept herself busy by meeting with different clients. One day, she finished her work as usual and was about to head home.

Next to her car stood a man who she hadn't seen for a long time.

Thomas Herren saw Lola coming and gave her a big smile. She looked even slimmer than last time! She must be busy with her new job as the acting CEO. She must have been skipping meals. "Lola, are you finished working?"

Lola spun the car key around her finger and smiled back. "Hey President Herren, how come you are free today? This is a pleasant surprise."

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