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   Chapter 203 Appear Charmingly

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Harry held Lola in his arms. They embraced each other sweetly under the romantic moonlight.

"Lola Li!" He called her name, as if wanting to be with her all his life. But he knew that it was almost impossible.

Lola also held him tightly to feel his breath. The warmth of his presence was something that she would forever desire. She also knew that he didn't want to leave her. It was in his eyes.

"Let it go!" He said.

After a long time, Lola said, "Harry, do you really love her? More than you feel for me?" Loosening her grip, she looked blankly at Harry, afraid of what he would answer.

Harry became silent. She walked away from him.

Tears inevitably filled her eyes. "Lola, don't cry. A man that will marry someone else doesn't deserve your tears."

In great dismay, Harry punched his fist on the stone pillar beside him.

He had all the power and money a man could ask for. Yet, he can't even do anything to be with the one he truly loves.

When Lola went back home, Nicole was already asleep. She gently took Nicole back to her room.

Nicole was awaken by the sudden movement and squinted her eyes in a very cute way. She lovingly looked at her. Her lips were like Harry's.

"Nicole, sorry to deprive you of your father's love. You deserve so much, my little one."


As deputy CEO, Lola became busier. The difficult part was that some executives in the company were still to be convinced of her abilities.

On the third day, Harry transferred two elite executives from the head office.

Judging from their resumes and posts at the head office, they were appointed deputy CEO and deputy general manager respectively.

Now, SL Group had one CEO, one deputy CEO, one general manager and two deputy general managers.

With Harry staying behind the lines now, they still needed outstanding persons to take up deputy posts to meet the needs of the group. It could prove to be costly but in the long run, it would be worth it.

The two elite executives were a great help to Lola. Not only was the burden in her was eased, she also learned a lot from these two senior members.

Except for very important things or documents, they could solve all the other problems in the company.

Today was the seventh day after Zoe died in the tragic explosion.

Lola changed into a white business suit, holding the crystal bracelet that Zoe gave her. She had

Lola in his arms. Lola kept thinking about Zoe and why he hid his depression from her. "We are best friends. Why would you do that?" She felt a familiar arm hold her but she didn't bother to look at her back. Zoe said that he loved her, but she never knew about it.

She hated her indifference to him. She knew how to love someone, especially someone who truly loved her.

However, she often showed her love with Mike and Harry in front of him. He must be so heartbroken.

Harry took over the letter in Lola's hand. Although some words had been wet with tears, what it said was very telling.

Zoe was great. He loved Lola for more than ten years, but he never let others know.

It might be companionship and the most sincere kind of love.

Hearing that Lola and Harry had come, Andrew rushed to the mourning hall with his son.

Approaching Lola and Harry in plain formal clothes, he said, "Boss Si, Miss Li, please restrain your grief." Andrew was grief-stricken. Harry looked at him and didn't speak. Last night, he tried to know more about Andrew.

Zoe was Andrew's illegitimate son. Andrew didn't accept him nor his mother.

Later, his mother jumped from a building because of it. Zoe's mother also suffered from depression.

One of Andrew's sons was a homosexual, and the other devoted himself to art and led a wandering life all over the world. Andrew couldn't count on them, so he appointed Zoe as the nominal CEO. Zoe grew up in a family full of issues and conflicts. No wonder he had become sad and did not open up. Harry had never felt more sympathy to a person.

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