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   Chapter 202 Taking Me and the SL Group as Your Bitter Enemy

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On hearing her harsh words, Danny instantly lost all his manners. He felt greatly humiliated.

"You are just a mistress! How dare you talk to me like this..."

"Slap!" Lola slapped his face really hard and successfully stopped him from talking further. No one stepped up to stop them from the dispute. The people just stared at each other in dismay and fear. Danny's business was significant for them so they didn't want to get involved and be caught in the fire.

If a rift had to happen between Harry Si of the SL group and Danny Fang, then they would automatically stand on Harry's side as he was the more significant and powerful. However, Lola Li was not that important for them. They didn't want to get involved for the sake of her!

"You shameless mistress dare to slap me?" Danny glared at Lola in disbelief. He pointed to her face with dismay and shouted, "Who the hell are you?" The second daughter of the Li family? She was nothing but some sex toy for men!

"Enough!" Chris Hu finally spoke. He had kept his silence while observing the two try to fight each other. But now, he had seen enough of it as he hit his clenched fist hard on the table.

The table moved, and cutlery and wine glasses danced. Everyone present was surprised at the words he said.

"Danny, your company is no longer considered for the bid this time! I will report it to the mayor myself! The circle has to make a stand and we will never tolerate such manners!" He has always found Danny of nasty personality and this time he caught him red-handed. It was time for him to disregard his business for the bidding.

"Mr. Hu! You cannot do this to me! Why? I am every bit of an irreplaceable asset to the circle!" Danny, with alcohol dripping down from his head and a slap mark on his face, clumsily walked towards Chris and begged him to change his mind.

The bidding this time was crucial to his company! They were looking forward to a big profit from it! Missing the bid would mean saying goodbye to hundreds of millions!

Chris just glared at Danny and replied with a severe tone, "Lola Li is a lady and you dare to verbally humiliate her like that. I don't think you are a decent man, therefore I would not consider you for the bidding at all! We maintain our principle of high manners here. You know that."

His reply made Danny furious. He cast an angry look at Lola and whole-heartedly cursed her. What a bitch!

He had no excuse staying here anymore. Without thinking any further, he grabbed Lola's arm by force and dashed towards the door.

"Get off me!" As she felt disgusted and violated by his firm touch, Lola screamed out loud.

Some senior managers saw this and decided t

You won't get away with this!" The cold look on Harry's face was intimidating. He uttered the words between his teeth without even casting a glance at the man on the floor.

He felt fortunate as he managed to arrive here in time. He happened to be nearby as Jordan called him to pick up Lola.

He walked passed Lola and walked directly to the room next door. Mr. Hu had left the room already.

Harry stared at the senior managers in the room one by one and uttered the words between his teeth, "From this point forward, if you dare to conduct co-operations with Danny's company, you will be taking me and the SL Group as your bitter enemy! Mark my words."

With these words, he left the room, leaving the rest in deep thoughts. They all retreated to their own room when Harry paced out of the door.

Lola took her phone from Joey's hands and quickly followed Harry out.

He was marching so fast that she had to run just to catch up with him.

Once they were outside of the hotel, the man paused. Lola didn't see it coming and ran straight into his strong back. She bumped her head on Harry's muscular back.

"It hurts..."

Harry turned around and saw her rubbing her nose. He grinned and pulled her to his side.

"Lola!", he called her name while resting his hands on her shoulders. "How could I leave you here?" He sounded worried and helpless.

Lola stopped rubbing her nose. She looked directly into his profound eyes and said with a serious tone, "Then you shouldn't leave! What will happen to me if you are gone? Who else would protect me? You are my guardian angel, Harry. Don't dare leave me, okay?"

Trouble always found her. She had to hire some bodyguards as soon as possible! Even so, Harry would always be her number one protector. But he was leaving soon…

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