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   Chapter 201 Made a Lot of Effort

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She looked at the tall lanky man sitting on the chief guest chair. The man had a natural air of authority in his demeanor. A polite and professional smile spread over her face. "Mr. Hu, ladies and gentlemen, sorry for being late."

Chris Hu was the secretary of the capital committee of A Country. He was a man of low profile and was seldom seen in public. This time he was invited to a banquet to celebrate and launch the development of a new real estate project proposed by a number of CEOs from different corporations.

Chris Hu was a close friend of the former acting CEO of the SL group. Lola had seen him several times before but they didn't speak that much.

Chris nodded at the elegant-looking Lola and calmly said, "It's good to see you. Sit down please, Ms. Li. Let's start the proceedings."

Another female CEO from A Country, Joyce Mu of CP Capitals heard the words and emitted a loud laugh. She was a woman in her late thirties and was known for her forceful determination in the business.

Lola only took up her responsibility as the acting CEO recently, but her name had quickly spread all over A Country. Almost everyone knew about her!

Joyce looked at Lola intently and said, "Ms. Li, you are indeed running late. How about drinking three shots of vodka as a punishment?"

Lola Li is indeed a name with a troublesome nature. She was first caught up in love scandals with Yolanda and Harry. Recently, she was the center of attention of a kidnapping scheme. Not to mention the explosion happened in her backyard that led to the death of multiple people. Almost everyone in A Country learned about her and her name had been an object for gossip and rumors since then.

Lola Li, what a disputable person! Some people attested that she was a nice woman, while some people held the utterly opposite belief...

Tonight might be good chance for everyone to really know her!

On hearing Joyce's words, Lola gave her a sophisticated smile and poured herself a shot of vodka. This amazed everyone in the room. "Ms. Mu, of course I shall take the punishment. It is my fault for running late. I won't make any excuses. Therefore, I will punish myself with these. I hope no one will have any bad feelings about me anymore. Thank you very much!"

She was straightforward! And humble! This was the first real impression she gave to them.

First shot went down. She showed everyone the bottom of the glass. She drank a second glass. Her face turned a little bit reddish. And finally, she managed to drink the third shot of vodka. She maint

o far. Lola was pissed off and refused to be polite with him anymore!

Lola's words made the situation worse. Danny shamelessly moved his arm from the chair and onto her shoulder. Everyone was shocked. He had gone too far!

Joyce spoke again, and this time she sounded quite serious, "Mr. Fang, tonight is just a casual dinner gathering. We are supposed to have fun. You should try to behave yourself!"

The whole SL group belonged to Harry Si. Therefore, Lola might well be his woman.

He should not cross Lola. As an old friend of Danny, Joyce felt obliged to warn him in advance as Harry Si was a tough man to deal with!

Many people learned about Harry's power from the recent kidnapping. Although the incident was covered up and hid from the media, well-connected people still got the news from trusted channels.

Danny was looking forward to getting Lola drunk so that he could sleep with her. He completely ignored Joyce's warning.

"Miss Li, you are too young to be the acting CEO of SL group. I bet you have made a lot of effort to get the position!" He was implying something behind the lines and everyone could tell that.

Lola smiled. She shook away Danny's arm, stood and took the glass from his hand.

Danny was pleased to see her accepting the glass. He finally got to her! Oh, this would be a night of pleasure!

However, to everyone's surprise, Lola poured the alcohol on Danny's head!

Ignoring Danny's yelling, she cleared her throat and said to him word by word, "I got the position of the acting CEO because of my hard work! You and your numerous love scandals! I suppose you already had STD! So! Shameless!" With that, Lola had her head up high and walked away.

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