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   Chapter 200 Letter of Resignation

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Two minutes later, she did find a golden chain of keys, with which she used to enter the lounge. The room was very tidy and the bedding was newly-put. Everything in the room felt so relaxing.

Lola was so tired that she immediately fell into sleep once she was in bed. All the events leading up to this day had drained all the energy in her.

As a result, she missed all the calls from Harry.

Two o'clock in the morning.

Someone was knocking at the door of the lounge, which was locked from the inside. Already sound asleep, Lola only turned over when she heard the noise and fell asleep again.

"Bang! Bang!" Nagged by the loud combination of the knocking and the ringing of her phone, Lola finally woke up.

Who would be knocking here so late at night? Was it Harry? She checked the incoming call.

Then she abruptly picked up the call. "Open the door." It was him!

With disheveled hair and confused eyes, Lola looked at the dark shadow of a man outside the door.

"How can I help you, Boss Si? It's quite late now, you know." Being woken up from sleep was not a pleasant experience. It was something that she never liked.

But Harry found her look of confusion extremely adorable. He couldn't reach her through the phone repeatedly, so he was worried that she might be in trouble again. The unfortunate happenings they experienced had also caused a bit of a trauma in him.

Despite the fact that Sara Fu had been arrested and sentenced to death, The Li Family was actually put at a bigger risk as more people knew about the old pocket watch after the kidnapping. The value of the pocket watch had been reported in every channel of the radio and television.

"Nothing. Go back to sleep! I'm very sorry for bothering you." He walked in and sat on the couch. His heart ached when he saw Lola throwing herself back to bed. She has been so worn out. He wished he could have her tiredness and pain so that she would not be feeling exhausted or hurt anymore.

He shouldn't have asked her to be acting CEO in the first place. However, he could still give her a hand. Several competent assistants could be assigned to help her..

Lola forced herself to stay awake and see what Harry would do, but she fell asleep again not before long.

When she woke up again, it was already 7 in the morning. Her laptop was on the desk, along with some folders.

She picked up one of them and found it had been thoroughly examined, and had been marked with detailed comments of revision and had been carefull

the men who just came and went in her life. Now she was determined to end this long time of love affairs and be an elegant, independent and unique woman like Lola!

Julie even wanted to thank Yolanda Mo now. If it were not for her, she wouldn't have come to SL and had her values changed for the better after learning from people here!

She looked at Lola's office again. Lola Li, you are going to get him for sure! I hope you do! You're the better woman.

About 7 in the evening, Lola grabbed her purse and rushed to the parking lot. She almost forgot that she had an important dinner with some high-ranking political figures. These meetings were very important for the promotion of the company.

She called Jordan on the way, and asked him to pick her up around 8 to 9 pm, as he was usually at leisure during night time.

At exactly ten to eight, Lola arrived at Marriott Hotel. When she walked in Private Room 666, a dozen or so people had seated themselves around a round table, and Lola was the last guest.

"Look! Isn't this Miss Li from SL Group!" A stout man abruptly came to her side to shake hands with Lola.

Lola recognized him. He was Danny Fang, the CEO of Fang Holdings Group. She couldn't believe she would be able to meet him!

At about her father's age, this Mr. Fang was notoriously lecherous, infamous for his lust for both genders and frequent sex scandals. At the same time, he was a cunning businessman and had already achieved a lot of success.

Lola shook hands with him in a routinely manner. When Danny Fang was about to bring up a conversation, she walked away right away to the guest of honor. She did not have any time to waste.

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