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   Chapter 199 The Perfect Zoe

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When Lola was in a fight with others at a younger age, Zoe called in many friends to help her. As a result, he would always go to prison for a week because he protected her.

He had always been there for her through the best and the worst days of her life. Now that she was already strong enough, he was gone.

"Zoe..." It struck her that losing her best friend might be the most horrible thing ever.

"Lola, let him rest in peace." Thank you, Zoe!

Harry held the shivering Lola, thinking that it would be better if she did not see Zoe like this, so that she could remember the perfect Zoe.

When they walked out of the mortuary, blood began to drip off Harry's arm again, and Lola was still overcome with tears.

He sent her back to the ward. Her mother and grandfather both wept bitterly when they saw her very downhearted and depressed.

Both Li family and Si family were very grateful to the life of Zoe, the young man from the Lu family!

"Take a rest, and we'll see him at his funeral." He comforted her in a reassuring voice and helped her sit on the bed.

Lola calmed down for a moment, took the tissue Harry had handed her and wiped her eyes.

She glanced at Harry, who was wincing in pain but was trying to hide it. "Your arm is injured again. Go take care of it or else it will be infected. I am going to be discharged today and I will go back to work tomorrow."

Harry sat down beside her and let her face him. "Lola, stop crying. I don't want to see you in tears!"

Landon and Angie stepped out of the ward to give them space.

Lola looked at Harry and thought about Zoe again. Her tears streamed down immediately at the thought of Zoe. "Please, just go!"

"Why are you crying again?" He frowned and gently wiped her tears with his palm.

She avoided his hand and looked out at the greenery outside the window. "From now on, you and Zoe are no longer in my world… There's only me. I don't want to lose another man. It stings and pains me so much."

If she was in a bad mood, no one would drink with her again.

If she wanted to go race cars, no one would keep her company.

If she couldn't reach Harry, no one would pick her up.


Looking at her li

only one night!"

Lying in an armchair and overcome by fatigue, she felt uncomfortable for she had never slept on an armchair.

At about one o'clock in the morning.

There was only a temporary lounge in the CEO office of SL Group. She cleared up her own stuff and went to the CEO office.

It was pitch dark outside her office. She turned on the flashlight on her cellphone to guide her on the way to the elevator.

The door of the CEO office was not locked. She pushed in and turned all the lights on. The office instantly became bright.

His stuff had all been packed and taken away. The door of the lounge was locked.

She had gone through all the drawers but didn't find the key. She stared at the phone, hesitating to give him a call.

In the end, she still called him.

The phone rang a few times before he picked up. She could tell from his slightly husky voice that he had fallen asleep...

"Well, it's late, and I want to sleep in the lounge for one night, but I can't find the key..." Hearing the woman's embarrassed voice over the phone, Harry sat up from the bed.

She had been so busy at work. She did not even bother to go home.

Of course, now that she became the acting CEO, she must be busy all day long.

... Was he too cruel to her? Did he put too much pressure on her?

"Go look in the secretary's office, see if they've put the key away."

Lola nodded and replied, "Okay." Then she hung up the phone. She was dead tired.

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