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   Chapter 198 A Mutilated Body

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After being stopped in her tracks for a moment, Yolanda raised her hand and was about to slap back. But Lola seized her hand in the air. "Miss Mo, don't dare touch me! Anyway, Harry is mine! I know you two are engaged, but so what! You, pretentious angel, ruined my marriage! Do you really think I'd let you off the hook that easy?"

Yolanda pulled back her wrist, staring at Lola with a smirk in her face. "Ha ha! Who do you think you are? But, I'm not that mean. You're still welcome to come to our wedding! I will greet your personally!"

Lola was annoyed at her bragging tone but instantly composed herself and smiled instead. "Well, you shall see, Miss Mo. I swear, after this time, I'll fight to the bitter end!"

Yolanda cannot be with his Harry! She can't be with him. Even though she didn't wear any makeup and was clad in a plain hospital dress, Lola walked away from her love rival, proud and elegant.

Harry had listened to their conversation. To fight to the bitter end? Were they keeping something from him? He badly wanted to find out.

Yolanda froze for a long time before she approached the man's bed.

She obsessively stroked his cold and perfect face. He was so charming even when he was sleeping...

Depressed and bored, Lola stayed in the hospital for another day. She wasn't discharged from the hospital until she was told by the doctors that everything was fine and she just needed rest every now and then.

People told her that Harry was already awake from the coma and was accompanied by his family. Suddenly, she felt too embarrassed to see him.

However, she still made up her mind to go with Nicole and see him before they leave the hospital. In the ward, he was sitting on the bed with a better complexion and not looking as pale as before. This relieved her of worry and anxiety! Harry looked every bit of his handsome features again.

Kevin was reading newspapers on the sofa. Yolanda sat by the bed, holding Harry's hand tightly, and Rose returned home to bring some clean clothes.

"Hello, Mr. Si! Sorry to bother you!" Lola greeted Kevin respectfully. The man, Harry's father, seemed more welcoming than his mother.

"Hello!" Kevin put down the newspapers and nodded at her.

"Hello, Grandpa Si. Uncle Harry saved me a


Lola trembled violently in Harry's arms, crying bitterly with sorrowful moans and sobs. She came to say farewell to him who sacrificed himself for them and died with a mutilated body.

She owed him her life and will forever be in debt to her best friend.

"Don't cry. It's not what he wants!", said Harry who had a deep admiration for his courage and love. The man sacrificed himself without any hesitation for the sake of his true love.

If Zoe was still alive and he himself couldn't get rid of Yolanda, he might ask Zoe to take care of Lola...

"Zoe! You're gone… Have you even considered what I would feel now? Who's going to drink with me if you're not here… Who will be my best guy friend..." Lola got very emotional and her legs were giving up. She was about to have a breakdown.

She remembered that he had always helped her in times of need for the last ten years. Whenever she turned to him for help, he would always make himself available.

They grew up together, prepared hard for the College Entrance Examination, studied side by side at the university, and stayed up all night and day to play games like hiking, drinking, racing...

He was very important to her. He was not just a close friend. He was her brother.

He was younger than her. But she insisted on being his elder sister. He would always try to guide her with advice and tips. But she did not pay attention and had taken him for granted. Now she would miss everything that he did for her. Now that he was…gone.

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