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   Chapter 197 Rode a Big Caucasian Ovcharka

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Lucy was taken away in handcuffs by two policemen. Her face was all covered with blood. She still put her head up high and looked indifferent from all the chaos when she walked past them.

Another body was carried out. It was Lucy's lover!

The scene was so horrific that the men who were used to tough times all turned their heads away.

Harry was having a low blood pressure. He set his teeth but the cold sweat kept streaming down his forehead. The wounds that he had from the bullet shells had started to bleed internally. Eventually he could not hold onto it anymore. He pushed Lola into Jordan's arms and passed out.

Lola was terrified as she cried out loud, "Harry!" After a mere second, she fainted as well.

The Li family were all shocked...

A long time ago, the peach trees were blossoming into a real beauty.

A young girl was climbing on the peach tree, trying to pick the purest flower. Under the tree, not far from her, a bunch of kids were chasing after a boy who was wearing a white tracksuit.

Finally, the boy was out of his breath and could not run any further. He stopped by the tree, gasping for air.

"Come on! Beat him up. He is a bastard without a father! How shameful that is!" A fat boy of around ten years old pointed to the boy in white tracksuit and shouted to his peers.

The kids all gathered around and circled the boy in the middle.

They all looked wicked and were eager to beat up the poor kid.

"Whistle! Bite them!" A young voice spoke above their heads. A split second later, a big caucasian ovcharka appeared out of nowhere and charged towards them, barking fearlessly.

The kids became so scared and hurriedly ran away.

The boy in the white tracksuit looked up. Among the beautiful peach flowers, there sat a cute little girl. She was wearing a graceful pink dress and looked absolutely adorable.

The sunshine was gently kissing her bright face. He thought that she had the most beautiful smile in the world.

He stared at her and was completely lost in her eyes. It was until she suddenly fell off the tree and hit him that he came to his senses.

"Ouch, my back hurts!" The girl stuck her tongue out with a grin and was about to stroll away with the dog.

He quickly stood from the ground. While rubbing his butt, he shyly asked a question to her: "Hey, little fairy, my name is Zoe Lu. Can I know your name too?"

The girl turned around and gave him a big smile. "Hey Zoe, my name is Lola Li! Don'


Yolanda hurried all the way here from C Country as soon as she heart about what happened to Harry.

But as she entered the room, she saw Lola holding onto her man tightly. Harry almost died because of her and her bastard daughter. She wanted to kill her right now!

Lola was in a patient robe herself. She sat up straight and wiped away the tears on her face.

"I am here to keep him company. He saved me and my child's life!" Her tone was full of proud and appreciation.

Yolanda put her bag down on the bed and came up to Lola. She grabbed her arm and started dragging her out of the room. "Get the hell out of here! It is because of you and your bastard child that Harry is like this!"

"Slap! Slap!" Someone's face was slapped twice! The ward was now quiet. Lola's face was as pale as paper. She stared at Yolanda in anger.

"Yolanda, you are from the famous Mo family of C Country! You should act more elegantly. What do you mean by bastard? You don't talk to a mother like that!" Lola stepped up and looked at Yolanda challengingly as she held onto her face. She should have learnt karate when she was still young! So that she could beat the shit out of this woman!

Without hearing Yolanda out, she continued, "My daughter is a lady from the Li family of A Country. No matter who Nicole's father is, she most certainly is not a bastard! Today I only slapped your face. Next time there will be more. You should know how to address others more politely! Know where you are standing, woman."

Lola was still in a patient robe, but her imposing manner was unquestionable. Yolanda was shocked and speechless as Lola walked away.

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