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   Chapter 196 I Want to See You Happy

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As soon as Lola was untied, she cried to them in a hoarse voice, "Are you two crazy? Didn't you see me shaking my head? He has explosives all over him!" She pointed to the guy who opened the door for them just now.

Harry and Zoe smiled and that made Lola even more confused and helpless.

They were so stupidly fearless! They were crazy!

Thomas Herren hurried to the site of the crime as well. Lola spotted him and yelled to stop him from coming any further, "You should all go away. There is a bomb here!"

Thomas Herren was immediately stopped in his tracks. He looked up and saw the fearless Harry and a smiling Zoe. He respected them so much for the courage that they were showing.

Everyone backed off upon Lola's warning.

Lucy hysterically laughed. "Jordan and Joseph should come here as well. After all, I am their auntie! It's kind of lonely to die alone. The more the merrier! Hahaha!"

"Lucy, the pocket watch is here. Let's go! There's no time to waste." The guy in the suit standing behind Lucy greedily stared at the watch in Harry's hands. His face was full of lust and adoration.

On hearing his words, Lucy scornfully laughed. "You are a fool. Even if I get the watch, I won't be able take possession of the crude oil. I don't think you can evade the law on your own! Good luck with that!"

Crude oil? What did she mean by that? Lola cast a glance at Lucy. She was absolutely confused. Lucy wicked smiled back at her.

"Silly girl, don't you know the secret of the old pocket watch? President Herren and this man approached you aggressively because of it. Don't you know about that? You foolish girl." Lucy gave her niece a meaningful look. She was indeed a beauty!

The past flooded towards her and made her heart hurt.

"Silly girl. This watch is the biggest fortune of the Li family! Your grandmother passed it on to you as her only granddaughter! I am so jealous of you! I really don't think you deserve it." She lit up another cigarette in an enchanting manner and then blew a smoke ring into the thin air.

Harry pulled Lola over so that she could stay further away from Lucy.

Lucy saw this and dismissively laughed at them. She did not care. She had everything she wanted.

"Forget about it. You just wanted to be close to her for the sake of the watch. What confuses me is why are you even pretending that you are in love with her?"

Harry radiated a cold look and snapped back, "Mind your own business!"

Lola lo

less Lola. The four of them quickly evacuated from the scene.

Lola's hearing and her other senses came back to her. Without hesitation, she ran towards the debris. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she didn't even have the time to wipe them away.

"Zoe! Zoe!" Her face was as pale as paper. She did not do anything but call out his name again and again.

The ground was a horrific scene. Blood and flesh were scattered everywhere.

The explosion was so huge that he wouldn't have a full body left. Harold pulled his daughter back so that she would not step further into the debris.

"Zoe! Father. Please, let me find him!" She knew well that it was impossible... But she still had a glimpse of hope that he would be alive!

The next second, she was pulled into a warm and familiar chest. This time, the embrace smelled of blood.

Harry insisted on holding her and tried to calm her down. It was impossible for Zoe to be alive...

"Harry, just let me go! I need to check out on Zoe! Let me go!" She cried and kicked as if she could get Zoe back.

He pressed her head against his chest and shared her pain. He softly said to her, "Lola... Zoe is gone. He was your hero until the very end."

Lola burst into tears. Why did her best friend die like that? He sacrificed himself for all of them...

She hated it so much. She should be the one to die! Zoe did not deserve this! Now she would be living the rest of her life with guilt!

The police soon arrived on the site and carried out their duties. Landon, Harold, Jordan and Thomas all held different thoughts as they watched Harry embrace Lola in front of the broken house.

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