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   Chapter 195 Where Did Lola Go

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"Daddy!" The smile on Nicole's face disappeared when she saw the wounded Harry with blood on him. She let out a fearful cry.

On hearing Nicole's cry of concern, Harry forgot all the pain he was feeling, looked up and a sunny smile spread over his face. He said to her: "Good girl, Nicole! I'm okay. Daddy is here." He hugged her tightly in his arms. As much as he was worried about his life, he was more anxious if Nicole was safe. But in the next second, another shell penetrated his other shoulder. The sharp stinging ache made him sweat profusely and he winced in pain.

The fighter jets did a barrel roll formation in the sky and started to descend to get an easier target on the enemies. They spotted the location of the kidnappers and a fierce exchange of gun firing commenced. Within seconds, the kidnappers were slaughtered on site.

Several special forces soldiers jumped out of the fighter jets. They parachuted into the sea and gently took Nicole from Harry's arms. Noticing that Harry was heavily wounded, the soldiers took over and helped him to swim to the shore.

It apparently happened that the special forces soldiers received a notice as they were patrolling in a nearby location and immediately arrived to the scene with medics.

A dozen soldiers were sent out to search the ship to find Lola but found nothing and no one. Where did Lola go? The question remained unanswered.

When Harry and Nicole were rescued to the shore, the medics were ready to provide first aid on them.

Landon warmly hugged Nicole as she stared at her pale-faced father, whose shoulder wounds were being carefully attended to and dressed by the nurses.

"Nicole, do you know where your mommy is?", asked Landon in an obvious worried tone.

Nicole looked confused as she replied in soft, shivering voice, "The bad guy brought me here after he took her away! She's with that guy!"

Harry heard her words and looked at her attentively, saying, "Do you still remember the route on your way here?" He worried about Lola so much that he refused to be carried to the stretchers. Instead, he pressed on his dressed wound to stop the bleeding and stood with great effort.

"Mr. Si, you need to be sent to the hospital right now for immediate surgery. We need to remove the bullet shells inside you! Your body will be infected by the internal wounds!" The medics were shocked when they saw Harry move. He had three shells inside his body and it would be considered an imminent danger for him if those shells would not be removed in time.

He shook his hands and firmly said: "I will be dealing with it later. There are more important matters to attend to."

... The doctors were speechless. How could he just ignore his own well-being like that? What gives him the strength and guts to do that?

Nicole jumped hurriedly into Harry's arm

ola very much. They were both fearless and selfless.

Harry forcefully pushed Joseph back. He did not want to bring him to danger.

He then turned to Jordan and tried his best to push him out as well.

As a last resort, he stared at Zoe and challenged him, "Shall I throw you out as well, or you prefer walking out on your own?" Zoe did not mind his warning and dashed upstairs. He caught Harry off guard. Harry became very furious.

The more people were involved, the more dangerous the situation would become! He slammed the door close to isolate the Li brothers. Without further hesitation, he paced upstairs to the second floor.

Every room of the second floor was tightly shut. The gloomy corridor looked spooky and eerie.

The farthest room of the corridor was suddenly pushed open. Stepping out was a man with suspicious objects covering his whole body.

Harry instantly knew what was coming...

Zoe and Harry cautiously stepped into the room.

The room had intimidating wallpapers with skeleton patterns. On the table next to the wall, there were various vases with different body organs soaked in formalin inside. Among them was a pair of eyeballs trapped in a small glass bottle, staring at them.

There were also human hearts and intact human heads with closed eyes. The room was really terrifying.

Zoe felt like vomiting while Harry calmly approached Lucy.

Next to Lucy stood a well-suited man. As soon as he saw what was in Harry's hand, his eyes widened with greed.

"I have the pocket watch you want. Now let Lola go!"

Harry slowly yet steadily raised his hand and let them take a look at the watch. All his heart was screaming out for right now to bring Lola out of this mess. He could not see anything but her now.

Lucy stood and gracefully moved to the front. With a wicked grin on her face, she ordered the man, "Untie the ropes around her."

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