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   Chapter 194 I Love Lola

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6993

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The SWAT team found nothing but a wasteland at the location from where the call was made. When they called the number again, it was no longer registered.

Harry drove to Li Mansion immediately.

Other family members had started returning back home right away as well, to meet up with each other in the living room and consult between them about the matter at hand.

The kidnapper asked for the old pocket watch, but they found no possible suspect after their long discussion.

They exchanged glances with each other when Harry showed up. They knew how much this man had done for Lola and Nicole these last couple of days. Landon stood up and showed him to a seat on the couch.

"I will go with Mr. Li tomorrow." Harry's request left all others in complete silence. Of course he ought to go, he had the right to, because, after all, he was Nicole's father. However he'd also better not go, as he would soon walk out of Lola and Nicole's world.

"Mr. Si, you don't have to do this for us. Harold or Jordan would accompany him with no problems." Angie refused him in an indirect way. She was clear about the complexity of his relationship with Lola, and after all, it was their family affair.

Harry understood their concern. "I love Lola. And I will certainly not step back now when she's in danger!" It was not easy to turn him down considering his uncompromising and proud attitude.

After another half hour or so, Harry left them.

At midnight, Angie got a message: "Central Pier of East District. Only Landon Li should be there, or Nicole Li would lose her life."

The sender was tracked immediately, but again, there was nothing but a wasteland at the location and soon the number didn't exist anymore. These guys were serious in hiding their traces.

Angie leaned against the headboard. How did they know her number?

And Nicole was kidnapped in their own back garden. Could it be that someone they knew had sneaked into this house and all this was just a part of a longtime conspiracy?

It was a sleepless night for Harold too. They must have demanded Lan

Uncle Harry came to rescue her, and Nicole grinned joyfully at his sight.

Several guys appeared on the ship and now aimed their weapons at Harry.

But also, in the meantime, the task forces in the noise-muffling helicopters overhead were aiming at the ship.

In no time at all, a chain of firing sounds was heard all over the place. Harry spared no effort to swim towards Nicole.

A bullet got through Nicole's skirt and the board that supported her. "Hang in there, Nicole!" Harry prayed to himself.

But soon Harry was hurt by a bullet shot to his arm. He groaned, and the water around him turned red.

He was now only 2 meters away from Nicole, so in spite of the sharp pain, he couldn't slow down.

Several villains were put down by the police forces shooting from up in the air. However, some more came out and started to shoot at Harry and Nicole like mad. Fortunately, they were quickly shot down before they could succeed any way in their vile attempts.

On the ship, a tall man crept out to the deck and hid himself under a door roof, so that the police couldn't spot him. But Harry could. And that man was pointing his gun at Nicole, who was now smiling at her Uncle Harry!

Harry exhausted his remaining energy and threw himself on Nicole to shield her from the bullet with his own body. A bullet hit one of his shoulders brutally and his face turned to pale.

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