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   Chapter 193 Keep Their Physical Strength

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6880

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"Grandfather, mother, have you got any news yet?" Hearing that Lola and Nicole were kidnapped, Joseph took the first flight back from C Country.

Landon looked at him and sighed.

Angie suddenly grabbed her cap and walked out.

"Mother, what are you doing?" he asked. Getting no answer, Joseph was starting to become also more and more anxious.

With her mind wandering in other places than the present moment, Angie answered: "I have to look for them. I can't just sit by at home and do nothing!"

"Angie, don't bother, you can't find them by yourself, and also so many people are looking for them. Calm down. Don't worry. Joseph will look for them," said Landon. He calmed down and eventually sat down on the sofa.

Joseph rushed to pull Angie back from leaving to search for Lola and Nicole. "Mother, I'll go look for them. Wait at home. Please!"

He ran out.

Everyone in A Country knew Miss Li of SL Group was kidnapped, and of course so did all the employees.

Harry returned to take charge in his own hands. He had finished all the documents in the CEO office.

It had been more than one day, but Joey hadn't called in yet.

Harry had searched A Country thoroughly in every nook and cranny but couldn't find Lola and Nicole. Did they leave A Country?

No, it wasn't plausible. He already had guessed that the kidnappers aimed at the old pocket watch.

If so, Lola and Nicole wouldn't be put in danger before they got to it. He would have to wait.

The phone rang, and he immediately picked it up to see who was calling. His face shifted at the sight of the caller's name.


Rose was furious at him. Harry had promised to return back home today, but he was still in A Country.

"Don't call me 'mother'. I was humiliated in front of Yolanda's mother." They waited more than three hours today for him, but Joey told them that Harry was still in A Country over the phone.

Closing his eyes, Harry said coldly, "I'm busy with something important. Don't call and get my line busy." After he hung up the

i Mansion.

Sitting by the phone, Angie picked it up immediately. "Who is it?"

The caller used a voice changer. "Is that Angie Gong? Do you want your daughter and granddaughter back?"

The kidnapper had finally called. Angie calmed herself down. "Sure. Tell me what you want."

While she was speaking with the kidnapper, Landon walked over on his crutches.

"What do I want? Ha-ha-ha." The kidnapper's weird laugh made Angie feel more restless and frown.

"I want the old pocket watch. Ask Landon Li to exchange the old pocket watch for your daughter and granddaughter in the place I'll designate at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. If he doesn't come on time or comes with someone else, they both will die!"

The old pocket watch? The kidnapper wanted to meet Landon? Angie glanced at Landon who sat beside her now.

"What's the address?"

The phone was hung up as soon as she asked.

"What did he say?" asked Landon. Landon was hoary-haired, old and wrinkled. He looked nervously at Angie, but Angie didn't know what to say to him anymore.

Landon was too old even to stand it.

"They want the old pocket watch." Angie didn't dare to say anything else.

Landon frowned. The secret of the old pocket watch had been given away.

Harry had the phone at Li Mansion monitored, so now he knew about the talk of the old pocket watch over the phone.

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