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   Chapter 192 The Missing Mother and Daughter

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Another person could definitely contribute more. Harry called Jordan to tell him about what happened. Jordan immediately sent out for the army to search the city and then reported the events that had happened to his father.

So far, they had just found out that Lola had been gone missing for almost20 hours already!

The second daughter of the Li family had suddenly disappeared, and a large number of police and military personnel were dispatched to search for her, instantly causing commotion and controversy in A Country.

In the government of A Country.

In the entire five-storey government courtyard, there was no dust. The president's office in the office building was austere and discreet.

Thomas Herren, who had been impeached by senior officials recently due to the various rumors that ran around regarding his relationship with Lola, was now busy handling his official duties. His chauffeur came in and said: "Mr. President, there is a matter that I don't know whether I should report it to you or not."

As the chauffeur knew that the relationship between Thomas Herren and Lola was special, he felt that it was his duty that he should tell him the truth when he heard about this matter.

"What's up?" Thomas Herren glanced at his chauffeur, who seldom spoke in this manner.

The chauffeur told Thomas Herren the news he had just heard of. "Mr. President, Miss Li has been missing now for nearly a day and a night. The CEO of the SL Group is using all his power and influence to look for her, and Lieutenant Harold and Colonel Jordan has also dispatched their own army to conduct a thorough search operation."

Thomas Herren stopped smiling and put the documents that he was handling down. Was she really missing?

"What kind of police did Harry dispatch?" He asked in detail as he didn't want to repeat or stay on repeat.

The driver soon recalled: "Hundreds of armed police and special police officers from the General Public Security Department of A Country have been searching now for five hours but with no luck yet. It also was said that Miss Li's daughter also disappeared this morning. The entire Li family was in total disarray. Harry once again made arrangements for two other International Criminal Police Investigation Teams from the United Nations, and also an Anti-Terrorist and Ballistics Task Force Teams to be on standby. "

Harry was so powerful that he could have even competed with the President himself in power and influence! Even the UN International Criminal Police team, which could not be mobilized at any time not even by the President, was now easily moved by him!

man with the hood looked at her and said: "We are only acting on what we are ordered to do. She will soon wake up. As for the purpose of all of this, we do not know!"

After saying these words, he threw the ropes that bounded Nicole aside, and again closed the door. The room was now dark again.

"Nicole, don't sleep, please wake up soon!" Their masked kidnappers must have drugged Lola's daughter, otherwise she wouldn't have slept so abnormally deep.

What monsters would do this sort of thing to a three year old child?!

Who the hell did this? Could it have been Yolanda Mo? At present time, she was the number one suspect.

But the man said just now that they wouldn't harm her and someone would bring them food soon enough.

If Yolanda kidnapped them, wouldn't she have harmed them?

This ruled out Yolanda. Then who could have done this to them? She was clueless.

Why did they kidnap the both of them?

The family must be now in a total mess and discord. Ah! She let her family worry about her again!

In the Li family.

Landon Li was walking around restlessly in the living room. Although he had been through a lot, his face was still filled with that specific feeling of anxiety that you often end up in during moments like this.

It had been more than a day and a night, and they still had no news about his daughter and granddaughter.

Angie, who was always standing by his side with a pale face, was also unable to sit down.

Next to her, Mrs. Zhuang shed heavy tears. She blamed herself for not taking good care of Nicole Those people had also drugged her, and that was how they had managed to take Nicole away.

The door of the villa was left opened, and Joseph Li rushed in the room like a gust of wind.

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