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   Chapter 191 Five Hours and Twenty-one Minutes

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7361

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Soon enough, the petals on the bed were mashed.

The night went on deeper and deeper. The blessings that showed up on the big screen in the distance were replaced in five hours and twenty-one minutes.

And it was said that it took thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to rent that big screen just for a seconds' time. It would have cost a fortune to rent it for that long, for five hours and twenty-one minutes. Oh My God... Lola was so happy.

In the WeChat group of SL, all of her colleagues were so excited. Lola! They guessed that Miss Li must be challenged by another suitor.

Their goddess was so praised and loved that she got many gifts and love confessions on her birthday! But these gifts and confessions all cost a lot, and it didn't took long for people to start to suspect that her suitors included Thomas Herren and Harry Si.

From that moment on, Lola had become a living legend of the SL Group.

The following day, Harry carried Lola into the car and sent her to the company's underground parking lot. Lola spoke the same words as she always did, "I'll go up first, wait here for a second."

However, after Lola dragged her jelly legs back to the office, Harry was still sitting and smoking in the car.

Then he started his car and drove back to Crescent Spring.

Lola hosted the morning conference of the day absent-mindedly. The empty seat next to her made her feel that something bad might have happened.

Did he arrive? Why wasn't he there?

Back at her office, Lola checked her e-mail and suddenly collapsed.

Although she had well prepared for this news, her heart still sank heavy to the bottom of the sea floor. She couldn't help crying when she read that the company officially nominated her today as the acting CEO of the company.

Her official nomination meant that he would leave.

And last night was actually their final night. She heard him whisper in her ears: "Lola, forget me!"

She tightly held in her right hand the watch sent by him and remembered his love from last night. How could she ever forget him! His every movement attracted her in a fatalistic way.

Were they done because of Yolanda?

And in that moment, she wished that Y

out of the airport.

They took a taxi back to the company building. Harry kept calling Lola on the road, but her phone was still closed.

Harry first checked the security camera recordings of the night before in the monitoring room the moment he got back.

At 6:45, the woman stumbled out of the building slowly, on foot, and without driving her car.

Then he looked at the outside monitoring area, and saw her walking north along the road and then vanishing from the camera's range.

He immediately asked Joey to contact the police to check the following street camera videos.

He went to her office, which was empty, and could vaguely smell in the air her perfume.

He closed his eyes and spoke to himself: "Lola, come out. Don't play games like this anymore!"

How deeply he had hurt her!

He slammed the door and drove from the parking lot to look for her on the streets of the city.

It was already hot in this season, and there were only a few people on the street.

After turning a corner to another street, Joey called him: "BOSS, I checked the street cameras. They showed that Miss Li was kidnapped by three men next to the ZS Park."

Kidnapped? This was even more worrying than leaving by herself!

"Start searching for her all over the city! Use as much police force as possible. I'll pay for everything incurred!" His cold voice made Joey shudder and he immediately started looking for someone to arrange a police search for Lola.

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