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   Chapter 190 Showing His Love to Her

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Fascinated by the flickering lights in the distance, she simply nodded in response.

Harry stayed still behind her and put his arms around her waist. Surrounded by an aura of safety and love, Lola willingly fell into his arms, cozy and comfortable. She enjoyed and cherished the serenity of this moment.

Harry held out his hand and pointed ahead.

Confused, Lola squinted and then looked to where his finger pointed. There is a huge electronic billboard. Suddenly, the advertisement changed into a word made up of roses -- Lola, against a background of heart shape and there followed a sentence that said, "Happy Birthday. I love you!"

This breathtaking view was witnessed by many people. Birthday surprises on a huge screen in the city center were definitely not planned by ordinary people. Advertising spaces like this were very expensive!

Lola's heart pounded and there was no way to calm it down. She held his hand around her waist tightly, with her eyes fixed on the billboard.

Was this his way of showing his love to her?

Lola blushed and looked up at Harry who happened to be watching her. She comfortably put her head against his chest.

"Thanks!" There she was, happy and contented. She had never felt like this before. This was something new, and she loved every bit of it.

Harry kissed Lola's soft red lips and looked at the image on the billboard.

He let himself indulge in the moment and spend some time with Lola without being disturbed by anyone or anything.

When Lola finally collected her thoughts and came back to her senses, Harry took her out of the restaurant.

Back at the car, Lola said, "Thank you, Harry. You have made my day complete." With a big smile, she tilted her face and rested her head on his shoulders.

Harry took the chance that the red light provided and gave her a long loving kiss. Lola pouted playfully, "Stop at the next crossing. I'll grab a taxi home." He must have been tired already, from all the issues and stress at work.

Harry gave her a meaningful look, which left Lola wondering about his plans for the future.

She tur

and shyly cast her eyes down. Suddenly, she felt something cold was put around her wrist.

She looked down her wrist only to find out Harry putting a lovely-looking watch on her.

She took a closer look and found it mounted with approximately 100 small diamonds!

Then Harry fetched something out of his pocket and gave it to Lola. "Help me wear it."

It was a black version of her watch, except that this one was a man's version. Apparently, Harry had bought a couple watch for both of them.

She took the watch and gently put it on his wrist.

Harry embraced her and whispered, "Happy birthday, Lola!" 'I love you!'

Harry said these words only in his thoughts. He didn't want to give her any more pressure and pain.

Lola held him tightly. "Harry, I'm so happy today!" She was indeed very happy. How she wished this moment of happiness could last forever!

Harry held her delicate face and kissed her tears away. "Do not cry, even if I won't be around in the future!" I love you, Lola.

Even Harry himself didn't know for sure how much he loved her.

Hearing this, Lola was reminded of the fact that he was leaving, and more tears streamed down her already wet cheeks.

But at least, he had given her such a perfect and precious memory as her birthday gift.

She put her arms around Harry's neck and stood on her toes to kiss him gently. This was the best day of her life.

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