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   Chapter 189 You Are Doomed

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Hearing Lola say that she liked the gift so much, Harry was further irritated.

This was definitely not sent by a woman. While Lola had a few close female friends, they would not give her such an expensive lipstick. Let alone so many!

This was done by a man who had feelings for her. Maybe Joshua Lu? No, Joshua did not dare do this kind of a favor. So, it was sent either by Zoe Lu or Thomas Herren!

"Miss Li!" His cold voice instantly dispersed the people around Lola and her gift.

The sun was torching hot. Although Lola did not look back, she already had an idea who shouted at her.

"Help me to put them away, thank you." She looked at the large box of lipsticks next to her and requested the two beautiful women to help her.

Then she turned around with a lovely smile, "Boss Si, are you going out to have lunch?"

What? How could she be so happy like this?

Harry looked directly at her, whose face was filled with joy, and spit a few words, "Throw them to the trash!"

If she dared to refuse, he would pinch her neck. Harry was so jealous and enraged.

Lola cursed him in her mind, "Fuck!" "I'm sorry, Boss Si, this is a gift from my friend. You don't have any right to deal with them."

After saying these words, she held the large boxes full of lipsticks packed by the two beautiful women and walked to her own car.

They were very heavy!

She immediately received a WeChat message after she put them in the trunk and became very terrified when she read the text. "You are doomed this evening." Harry and Joey had disappeared when she looked back.

Was this a real threat or just a prank? Lola was a bit confused. Maybe she would leave early after work and hurry home. It should be all right!

Rumors and gossips had spread within the SL Group. She heard a lot of it as she was going back to the office.

Everyone had known that Miss Li received a very special gift from her suitor: 99 lipsticks of different colors from a very famous international brand.

A mixed combination admiration and jealousy filled the air.

But right after lunch break, all the colleagues got an email of disposition when they started to work.

It said that Miss Li did not abide by the company rules during work and has caused unproductivity and other bad effects on the company. The following penalties are imposed as a punishment: penalties for three months and continuous overtime work for one month.

The gossips got louder and fiercer. As it was sent from the mailbo

uted her lips in displeasure. What kind of celebration was this?

The waiters came over to get the empty plates. Several minutes later, they served seafood soup and Italian vegetable soup.

Slowly taking in the seafood soup, Lola casually looked around, glaring at the empty table beside them now and then. She wondered if Harry had booked the whole restaurant. She preferred that they be alone.

Then she looked at the roses on the table, which were different from those of A country and might have come from somewhere far.

At last, she casted her eyes on the man who sat opposite to her, guessing whether he would keep silent until the end of the dinner. This stupid guy!

Then the main courses were served, including the cooked sirloin steak, the sautéed silver carp, and the roasted turkey.

Noticing that Lola was festively eating her steak, Harry put his untouched steak on her plate. Seeing the already chopped steak on her plate, Lola became very ecstatic

He would always cut the steak for her every time they eat Western food together.

They focused on their food without making any sounds.

Lola was almost full after eating the main courses. Then the waiter brought up the cheeses and the fruits.

They ate the cheese first, and then proceeded to consume the fruits. When they were finished eating, Lola wiped her mouth, stood up from her seat, and walked to the other side of the rooftop without saying anything.

A cool breeze blew in and Lola's long hair fluttered in the wind.

"Did you enjoy the food?" Harry embraced her from behind. Lola did not expect this. But she liked it so much, wishing they would be like this forever.

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