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   Chapter 188 Ninety-Nine Colors

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7186

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Staring at the two people acting too intimately right in front of her, Yolanda could not wait to scratch a dent in the woman's face! A shameless woman!

When she stopped coughing, Lola took Harry's hand, kissed him on the wrist and gently bit it before slowly letting go. She quickly left.

Harry and Yolanda had always been very rough on her! She would not just stay here and be bullied! She would fight back in the way that she knew the best.

Harry looked down at the fresh bite mark on his hand and smiled.

The office door slammed shut. "Harry...", whined Yolanda in a weak voice.

"Go back to C Country. I'll be back soon." He said with his back to her, not paying attention to the pain she just felt right now. His faint tone did not reveal the slightest emotion.

Yolanda was still struggling. "It was your mother who asked me..."

"I won't say it again!" His cold tone forced a chilling sensation all over her body. He has never been like this before.

He had his own plans. He needed to attend to them first. After all, Lola's birthday was fast approaching…

Footsteps came from behind, and then the familiar sound of the closing of the door. After Yolanda left, Harry called in Joey.

Looking at the two women who went out after one another, Joey felt a tingle in his spine as he became nervous of how their boss was feeling at this very moment.

He listened attentively! After all, it was Lola who his boss loved with all his heart and soul. He knows this like he knows how the lines in his palm connect to each other.

Poor Yolanda! Her emotions always get the best of her!

"Is the gift ready?"

Joey nodded. "I received a phone call from Switzerland this morning and they told that the gift will arrive tomorrow!" That was a gift that his boss had given a lot of time to think about and prepare.

Harry nodded and let Joey go back to his work.

After two peaceful days, Lola's birthday came. She had been so occupied with work and how to be the next CEO. She had almost forgotten her birthday!

At eleven o'clock in the morning, Leo knocked on the office door.

"Miss Li, your package is here!" He put a s

en they confirmed that she was the recipient.

Lola wrote her name on the receipt. Her cell phone rang again.

The lipsticks were sent by Thomas, but he didn't seem to be such a high-profile person...

"Hello." She answered the call.

Thomas put down his pen and smiled. "Do you like it?" He had asked his cousin for advice before he decided to send Lola the lipsticks as birthday gift.

Lola stood still and for a moment, she did not know what to say. More and more colleagues were whispering with envy.

"It's too expensive!" replied Lola, even though she knew that Thomas wouldn't care about the money at all.

Thomas smiled awkwardly. "Well, don't you like it?" His cousin told him that every woman loves cosmetics and they use them almost every day.

He then thought that it would be the best choice.

Before Lola answered Thomas, she heard her colleagues greeting Boss Si!

She was afraid to look back, but she smiled and raised her voice. "I love it, thank you for your gift!"

Hearing her joyful voice, Thomas smiled too. "That's great. Lola, happy birthday!"

"Well, thank you!" Then she hung up the phone.

Harry stared at the lipsticks on the floor. Joey felt a chill run down his back when he took a glance at his boss.

He heard the colleagues talking about the lipsticks, so he tipped Harry off.

Then Harry said, "It's lunchtime already. Don't mind this." And he strode out of the office.

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