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   Chapter 187 Worn-Out Shoes

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Harry didn't find Lola in bed, so he went to the balcony. There she was. She was so beautiful to look at with her swaying with the wind.

Sitting close behind her, he stretched his arms around her waist and laid his head on her shoulder. He could smell the vanilla scented lotion she rubbed on her skin. He was so enticed.

Lola nestled in his arms and neither of them spoke, enjoying the comfort and tranquility of this moment. The road ahead was so uncertain and they wanted to make the most of their time together.

The stars were bright in the night sky. The downtown was still brightly lit in the distance. The view of the night was so pleasing to the sight. It made the night more festive and romantic.

After a long while, Lola broke the silence. "Harry, do you really love me?" She asked the question once four years ago, but she didn't get his answer.

This time, she wondered how he would reply...

Harry pulled her towards him and answered without hesitation, "Yes, I do."

With a smile, she turned her head and took hold of his neck. "I don't want to let you go. Please don't leave me alone. Can you do that?" How could she live without him?

As she buried her face in his arms, Harry kept silent for a while before he spoke his mind. "I'll take you and Nicole to a place where nobody knows us. We'll start all over again. How about that?" He pulled her up and looked her intently in the eyes.

Lola was shocked. Was he proposing that they elope with Nicole? Why?

Everything was so vague just moments ago. Now, how did they come this far? Was Harry hiding something from her? Was he suffering from deep sorrow? Why would he rather run off with her than publicly break off the engagement with Yolanda?

However, if that was the case, he must be suffering from some really difficult dilemma. Well, she guessed that it must be Rose who had put him in this very hard time of his life.

Thinking of the possibility, she shook her head gently. Rose was Harry's mother. How could she force him to harm his family for her sake?

"I hope you will think of me when you hold and touch another woman!" She threw her arms around his neck again and looked closely at his face.

Harry, who can't imagine putting his hands on any other wom


Lola wasn't annoyed by Yolanda's words. He walked to the man and clasped her hands around his neck. "It's okay. When he holds you, he would be thinking of me. I'm satisfied with that! When he is touching you, he is making love to me!"

Beaming with pleasure, Lola fixed her eyes on Harry as she spoke to Yolanda.

How could Yolanda not be angry about this shameful disrespect! Harry sat emotionless, continued smoking his cigarette and looked at Lola. She did whatever she liked and he seemed to have no intention of stopping her.

For a moment, Yolanda almost gave up, but this man had been in her heart for more than ten years! How could he be so heartless, saying goodbye and never looking back?

But even so, she was once important in his heart, wasn't she?

Yolanda was relieved at the thought of this. "No matter what, you're merely a mistress. It's okay you don't care about your own reputation. But don't you care about the reputation of your family? Be ashamed of yourself!"

This greatly angered Lola. Smirking and pouting yet again, she squinted at Harry. He was not going to do anything about it, then?

"You're right! Well, you can have my worn-out shoes! You're welcome! I just don't care, okay?" Lola's words cast a shadow over the faces of both Yolanda and Harry. In the end, Harry coldly puffed a heavy smoke into her mouth. It choked her until her tears burst out.

"Ugh…" She broke away from him and stooped, coughing violently. The bastard toyed with her again!

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