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   Chapter 186 So Shameless

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Lola got the glass of juice and took a sip. It was fresh and sweet. This place was wonderful.

But his words almost made her choke on the drink. She curtly replied, "Mr. Si, I have a home. I have a place to stay. We don't need your help."

Harry did not accept her decline. He wiped away the juice stain on Nicole's mouth and said, "Fine, I will go to your place then."

She was utterly speechless. How could anyone be so determined like him! He almost gets anything that he wants. "I don't think so. Mr. Si, you are a VIP and our humble home is way too small for you."

Harry stroked Nicole's chubby little cheek and scornfully cast a glance at her. He needed to teach her a lesson for talking to him like that! He really did not want people treating him differently just because he was a highly-deemed person in the society.

"That's true. I may have a lot of assets and fame is on my side. However, I am also able to adapt myself to any situation. So your humble home suits me just fine." His voice was quite calm and indifferent. But the message he conveyed was strong and clear: he was not going anywhere tonight! He wanted to be with her.

"I was with you during the day, wasn't that enough?" Lola slightly curled up her lips. In the first place, she should be the one annoyed and hurt. She had every right to get mad at him.

Nicole looked at her parents as they argued. Her big eyes blinked as if she could understand what was going on.

"No, not enough! We are talking about the evening now!" The day they both had earlier should be forgotten. They should no longer talk anything in their past.

Lola put down her glass and gazed at the man who was attending to her daughter. She could never predict what he wants and thinks.

One minute later.

"Hot enough?" Harry's eyes were still on Nicole but his question was addressed to Lola.

Lola firmly nodded her head and said, "So shameless! Your shamelessness is quite outrageous! Be careful with your words next time!" She blurted out with a serious expression on her face.

Harry cast a cold glance at her direction and Lola almost bit her tongue. She firmly believed that she had the right to tell him off!

"Nicole, are you hungry already?" He asked the cute girl with a soft voice. He really loved his beautiful little girl. The bond between them was so deep that he loved her from the bottom of his heart. Everything that he did for her was sincere and was out of pure love.

Nicole raised her little cup and took a sip. She replied with a sweet voice and said, "Uncle, I think I will just drink this juice." Nicole knew that the dinner was not yet ready. She was patient enough to wait for the meal.


They walked around to help their bodies digest the food they just ate before heading home. They ate a lot!

Harry carried Nicole in his arms while Lola held onto his arm. The three walked in the busy streets and some people took furtive glances at them.

"I want ice cream!" Nicole spotted an ice cream kiosk and shouted in excitement. Lola reluctantly shook her head and thought that her daughter had enough sweets for the day already.

She was about to turn her down but Harry had already decided to spoil the girl. "Let's go. Uncle will buy you ice cream!"

It was already quite late and Harry did not want her to intake too much sugar. He bought her a scone with just two scoops.

They happily shared the scone together. Lola could not believe her eyes.

No wonder they said that blood is thicker than water! Lola felt left out when these two were together. They connected and interacted in a very natural way.

When they walked passed a toy store, Harry took Nicole's hands and walked straight into the store. There, he bought her dozens of fancy toys.

It was already nine in the evening when Nicole was sent back to the Li family.

Lola put Nicole to sleep and said to Angie that she needed to deal with some work at the company and she would not come home tonight.

Angie looked at Lola's blushing face and knew straight away that she was lying!

However, she did not try to talk about this, and she simply waved her hands and said, "Just go then and take care." She believed in her daughter.

At Crescent Spring.

On the bedroom balcony.

Lola had a refreshing shower and was sitting on the bench while counting the twinkling stars in the night sky. It was not long until Harry stepped out of the shower. Oh, those beautiful eyes of his haunted her so much.

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