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   Chapter 185 Protect Your Mommy

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7016

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The scum tortured her again before leaving! How could she let this happen?

Rubbing her sore breasts, she could not believe how easy she has fallen prey again to him.

As soon as she entered the office, Harry followed her.

He opened the door and saw Lola on her desk with her face down. He smiled smugly.

"You... You.... Why you are here again?" She looked at the man in a bit of a panic. How evil this man was

Harry threw the papers on her desk. "You still have to study them today." She knew that this was actually for her benefit. Otherwise, she could turn to nobody for help when he left.

Lola looked at the folder and immediately rolled her eyes. "I can't stand up. My legs are sore." She spoke softly and weakly, staring him at the face.

Harry sat on the sofa and looked at her indifferently. "If you don't go over here and finish them now, you shall work all night." Lola curled her lips and held on the table to stand up. She was that weak. Sitting on the sofa, she pretended to look fine. Harry would never understand. Only she could feel the pain.

They talked in the office for three hours. Harry explained in detail to her the papers and important documents that he just brought in. He emphasized all the acts of caution that she should always take as a leader of the company. "Are we clear about everything?" He leaned against the sofa and squinted at her. She was trying her best to dutifully take down notes.

"If we didn't meet that day, would I be less confused right now? If we didn't meet..." Just then, Lola's cell phone rang. The ringtone was of a sad, melancholic tone, a perfect background for their love story.

"Hello, Zoe." Lola calmly replied to Zoe.

Zoe was having a cigarette while fiddling with the earrings Lola gave him a long time ago. "Are you feeling better?"

Lola smiled and thought how blessed she was for having somebody who was always on her side. "Much better, thanks for your help last night." She talked with Zoe as if no one was around.

Harry heard Lola mention Zoe, and his eyes became intense and piercing. He remembered what

menu from the restaurant manager.

"An Australian lobster, an avocado salad, a steamed sole fish, Yangcheng Lake crabs, abalones with oyster sauce, garlic scallops…" He ordered a lot of seafood in one fast motion and passed the menu to Lola, "Do you want anything else?"

She scanned the menu. The food here was very expensive. A single fish dish cost several hundred.

She saw a dish in the menu which reminded her of what happened at noon when Harry advised her to eat more trotters. She promised to be more careful this time around. "Hello, sir, ten mustard oysters and a stew of sea cucumbers with millet and grains."

Certainly, after ordering, she got confused looks from both Harry and the manager.

But the manager maintained a professional stance and kept smiling. "OK. Anything else?"

Lola passed the menu to him, "No, thanks!" Harry had ordered enough food.

After the manager left, Harry poured some juice for Nicole and glanced at the little woman beside him. Thinking about how they would spend the night after the dinner, Harry said, "Let's get Nicole back home after dinner, wait for her to sleep and you come home with me."

There was no children's room in his house. He did not want Nicole sleeping alone in a room. But they would be disturbed if she slept next to them. So, it was better to let Nicole sleep home and come back for her first thing in the morning.

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