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   Chapter 184 You Scum

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Lola tried to look at Harry invitingly, but she also knew that nothing can change the situation now. He would not stay.

"There's no time to waste. Let's begin now!" He took out the folders that he prepared and put them in front of her, "I did everything that you need to do for the next few days of the turnover. I fixed and polished every corner of the system so that you don't have to stress yourself in cleaning them up. I've already marked how to do them. Take a look. Ask me if you have any questions."

He sat down on the sofa opposite her, his eyes fixed on her. She looked at the papers and turned her gaze towards him.

"I know none of them."

Lola was being disobedient. She looked at Harry with contempt and he looked back with sympathy.

"Take it seriously. Read the medical document first." He took a red folder and placed it in front of Lola.

Lola read the label of the folder in front of her but didn't open it. "Boss Si, could you please just explain all of them to me?"

Without the contempt and hatred in her eyes, Lola asked him in a serious tone.

If he would really leave, she wanted him to explain the matters one by one slowly, so that she could have more time to be with him. Every minute she could have with him was precious. He wouldn't leave her so soon, would he?

Harry took the folder and began to explain it to her.

It may have looked like Lola was paying attention but she didn't listen to him. As Harry was explaining seriously, Lola dreamily stared at him and listened to his sexy and deep voice. Suddenly, she felt some tears streaming down her face.

She requested that he explain everything and he agreed without saying anything. He still loved her, right?

At the thought of this, Lola got up from the sofa and walked towards Harry. Confused, Harry twitched his eyebrows.

Intimately sitting on his lap, Lola put her hands around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder.

Harry hesitated but he gave in and irresistibly put his hands around her waist.

"Harry, don't marry her. I don't want to let you go." She whispered in his ear in a familiar sweetness, making Harry sad.

He did want to marry Lola. However, it was something that he couldn't change, no matter what he does.

Holding back his feelings, he pushed Lola away. "You have so mu

m weaker and inferior. Yolanda is just way better so you chose her, right?"

What was she even thinking about? Harry frowned, looked at Lola's serious face, and said coldly, "Eat!"

Eat? So he does not deny it? Lola suddenly lost all appetite. Despite how tasty and delicious the food was in her bowl, she just did not have the will to eat.

Harry looked at Lola and put down his chopsticks. "You don't like having lunch with me?"

Hearing this, Lola stared at him and replied, "You dislike me." She countered with another argument.

Harry does not like her anymore. Hell, maybe he did not even like her at all. Well, she would find out later.

Harry began to eat again. As he ignored Lola, Lola thought that she was right.

She ate rice slowly but was still not in the mood.

When she finished half of the rice, Harry had already finished his.

He wiped his mouth, stood, grabbed the chopsticks in Lola's hand and put them on the table.

"Hey! What's the matter?" He even didn't allow her to finish her food? How dare he!

"I want to prove to you that I still like you." He said with passion in his eyes, throwing Lola onto the bed.

Lola was confused, but he ignored her and did what he wanted.

After two o'clock in the afternoon.

Lola blushed. After she straightened her hair, she opened the door of the CEO's office and went straight into the elevator.

She held the handrail in the elevator. Her legs were so weak that she could hardly stand. She almost knelt on the ground. She was tired, but very pleased.

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