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   Chapter 183 Freeing Himself

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"Hey, Jordan." Jordan stopped when he heard the deep familiar voice.

He turned around and saw the man leaning against the Maserati. Jordan's eyes had something very complicated and anxious in them.

"How long have you been here?" He noticed the cigarette butts on the ground and thought to himself that Harry must have been waiting here for hours. But how come would he actually let Lola stay in the same room with another man? Knowing Harry, he could not risk something bad to happen to Lola.

Harry put out another cigarette butt and reached for another. He was getting very worried and smoking was his only way of repressing his emotions. Unfortunately, the cigarette case was already empty and he had run out of cigarettes. He slightly shook his head and looked at Jordan: "Just go and pick her up. Pretend that you never saw me here."

Jordan thought of what happened during the day, silently nodded and briskly walked into the hotel.

Inside the hotel suite, Zoe wiped Lola's face with a warm towel and helped her with the sheets.

Just at that moment, somebody knocked on the door and he went to answer it. Outside the door stood a man in a tidy military uniform. He must be Lola's elder brother, thought Zoe.

"Hello. I am Lola's elder brother." Jordan briefly examined Zoe from head to toe. This was the first time they met. He heard his sister mention that she had a close male friend. He must be the one then.

Zoe stepped aside and said: "Hi. Lola is now sleeping inside. You'd better take her home then."

Jordan nodded and walked into the suite. He saw his sister lying on the bed. Next to the bed, there were a basin full of water and a clean towel.

He carried his sleeping sister in his arms and started walking towards the door: "Thank you for taking care of her. We'll pay you back for whatever expenses you must have had." He extended his sincere gratefulness to Zoe.

"No need for that. Lola and I have been friends for ages. It is my obligation to help her out." Zoe picked up Lola's bag and decided to take off with them.

The two carried the sleeping Lola out of the hotel and stopped by the road. Zoe asked, "Where is your car? I'll help carry her bag." He walked a few meters ahead and saw a military jeep. That should be it.

However, he also noticed a black luxury car next to the jeep. A man was leaning against the car with his hands in the pockets of his trousers. The figure seemed to be familiar.

Harry saw Jordan and a girl in his arms. He made sure that Lola was doing fine and then sat in his car. He couldn't risk Lola seeing him right now. Without saying anything, he started the engine and drove off.

Zoe's eyes followed Harry's car as it disappear

no longer in their sight, they dared to gossip behind her back about almost anything.

A few words flew into Lola's ears but she ignored them and walked straight into the elevator. She didn't care what other people will say anymore.

Harry was going to leave her anyway. What else could she do? The important thing was to do her role as the new CEO and that was it. Inside the empty elevator, Lola's face was full of uncertainty and disappointment.

In the morning meeting.

Lola tried very hard to concentrate on her work and efficiently sorted out tasks for her subordinates. She controlled herself from glancing at Harry who sat in the chair she used to sit on.

When the meeting was dismissed, Harry called out to Lola and said: "Miss Li, please come to my office, I have something to hand over for you to do."

Lola stopped on her tracks without looking back. She simply nodded and replied, "Sure thing, Mr. Si!"

She walked away and left Harry alone in the meeting room.

He gazed at the place where he usually stood when presiding over the meetings. Then he thought about Lola, and how she just recently did his usual work. It felt like she was standing right next to him and he couldn't help but extend his hands to touch her.

But there was nothing. Lola was in an entirely new place and this was his fault.

Harry stood from his chair in great distress. When he returned to his CEO office, Lola was already there waiting for him.

He closed the office door and gazed deeply at the woman who was fixing the papers on the desk.

"Miss Li, are you ready?" He stood in front of her and asked her the question without any hint of emotion.

Lola was confused. Ready for what? Was he referring to her taking over his work? "Not yet. I don't think I would ever be ready for that."

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