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   Chapter 182 Stepping Away is Also a Way of Expressing Love

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She may be suffering inside but she tried to put on a face of enthusiasm in the office. She has to act professional at all times for herself and also for Nicole.

But Zoe could see right through the Lola's outer self. He has known Zoe for a long time. He paused his thoughts and said, "Lola, if you are free tonight, why not have a drink with me to relax?" Zoe painfully stood in front of the window and looked at the view outside.

Whenever Lola was sad, he was even sadder.

Zoe wanted to say it even louder: Lola, please allow me to protect you for the rest of your life!

But her mind was full of that man anyway. That man has everything one can ask for. Power, wealth, and fame among many others. Besides, what could he possibly give her to ensure her happiness when he himself was at a mess?

He did not have the courage to tell her his feelings. He feared that once he opened his heart to her, everything would change between them! He could not risk letting her go.

The office door slowly closed from the inside. Harry looked at the mess on the floor and instantly felt sorry for her.

He was here to commence the turnover of command but ended up trying to fix all of these. Lola looked so upset while talking to someone in the phone. She has been like that whenever she was alone.

Lola laughed dryly. She and Zoe could still hang out like the old times, merrily drinking in the bars in D City. However, she and Harry could no longer go back to the times when they were intimate with each other, passionate about making one another happy.

In a burst of harsh reality, her dry laugh finally broke into a sad weep. No matter what she do and will do, Harry was no longer hers to keep.

"Zoe, I really love him. I love him very much." Her voice was incredibly weak and the words hurt both of Zoe's and Harry's hearts deeply.

"Lola, I love you very much as well." Both of them had a moment of comfortable silence.

"Lola, sometimes stepping away is also a way of expressing love." There are different ways of showing one's love. Some would show it by being faithful and loyal companion. Others express it by stepping away for greater courses.

Lola paused, looked at Zoe with tears in her eyes and then said, "Stepping away?" She murmured to herself, "I thought of it, you know, I tried to let go of him. But it never worked. Never once did I successfully let go of him." She was really happy whenever she was with him. The happy feeling was the most genuine feeling she had in her lifetime.

Sometimes, they get into heated argument. Even then, she still felt safe and at home when her eyes linger on his handsome face.

Zoe heard how her voice has been so weak and his heart became filled of sorrow as if someone was cutting his flesh with a sharp knife.

s neck.

"Harry, please do not be with Yolanda, alright? She is the most evil woman!"

Zoe pulled away Lola's arms and gently hugged her, "Girl, you should behave and go to sleep now." Patiently, he sweetly whispered in her ear.

Lola walked towards the direction of the bed. But it was not long before she got up and walked into the bathroom again.

She struggled back and forth the bathroom and the bed for over two hours. She drank all the hot tea but it was not very helpful. She kept on throwing up.

In the end, Zoe gave up and decided to send her to the hospital. Hearing this, Lola miraculously felt asleep on the bed like a peaceful angel.

She held on to Zoe's arm and was no longer murmuring Harry's name.

Zoe scratched his ear. He really had heard enough tonight to the point that he thought his ear was going to bleed.

Lola's phone started ringing inside her bag. Zoe carefully pulled his arm out of Lola's hands and reached for the phone.

He did not hesitate to answer the phone for her.

Outside the hotel.

The Black Maserati was parked by the road. Next to the car were a dozen of cigarette butts. Harry was standing here since the moment the two walked into the hotel.

Harry tried very hard to convince himself that he should not go inside the hotel and interfere with Lola's life. He has done this to himself. After all, she deserved to have her own life.

However, his clenched fists revealed his true feelings. Lola went into a hotel room with a man! What's more, that silly girl was drunk to begin with!

He could not possibly imagine what was going on inside that room. Who was he to judge and to take her away from that man?

2 and a half hours later.

A military car urgently pulled up next to the black Maserati. The people stepping out of the car all walked straight into the hotel in a hurry.

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