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   Chapter 181 More Than Justified to Pursue the One You Love

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7724

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Yes, Harry was planning to get rid of her and marry Yolanda! How was she supposed to react? She just can't seem to take this all in. She cannot understand. He would certainly choose Yolanda. That cunning serpent!

Lola pushed him away and intended to walk out of the room, only to be caught by his firm grip.

Harry was trying to stop her while she was also trying to run away from him. It was a deadlock.

After a while, Harry let go a bit, careful not to hurt her. Lola took this opportunity and got loose from him. She smiled, "Save your words. Go and marry her! You don't have to tell me. We have been in this scene more than once in our life." Then she walked away without turning back and headed to the elevator.

At the villa of the Li family.

It was that time of the week when all the members of the Li Family would gather and have dinner together. All of them except Joseph are present.

Neither Harold Li nor Angie Gong mentioned the news today. Landon Li also heard about it, so he planned to talk with Lola after dinner. Jordan looked at Lola, who was smiling while wiping the chocolate on Nicole's mouth. The sight of them happy together made him swallow his questions.

The doorbell rang. "Who would come to visit at this time? It's already way past dinner time." Angie curiously looked at the door.

Mrs. Yuan ran to answer the door. "Good evening, sir. May I ask who you are looking for?" The handsome young man before her was such a delightful sight because Mrs. Yuan recognized that it was he who went out with Lola and Nicole yesterday!

"Good evening. Would you please tell them that a man by the name of Harry Si has come to sincerely apologize to them? Thank you." He politely waited at the door while carrying precious gifts in his hand.

After Mrs. Yuan passed on the message, Angie and Harold looked at each other and then turned to Lola, who lowered her head and stopped eating.

Harold sought for Landon's opinion. Landon looked at Lola and when he realized that she was not taking any stand, he immediately made a decision. "We shall not cold-shoulder our guest. Show him in!"

The moment Harry walked in, Lola got Nicole from her chair and both of them walked upstairs.

Seeing Harry, Nicole turned into the joyful child as she always is whenever he

here for one and only purpose -- Harry!

A friend? He threw away everything that they have just for the sake of Yolanda!

This one stings. She could even physically feel the pain of her heart. With her face buried in the desk, she hopelessly cried her heart out.

What should she do? What can she do?

Every single day, she couldn't help but recall how Yolanda murdered her child.

She couldn't allow this to happen! She couldn't bear to see them get married! She couldn't let Harry be with the wrong woman for the rest of his life...Her right hand with her nails painted in scarlet, gripped the pen she was holding.

It was driving her crazy...

"... If we didn't meet that day, would I be less confused right now? If we didn't meet..." The ringtone she recently set rang. She didn't move. Instead, she got the phone and looked at the screen through the transparent desk. It was Zoe's call. Her voice was listless. "Hello."

Zoe called her immediately after seeing the announcement Harry just made. He knew how much Lola loved Harry. That must hurt! So he was not surprised to hear Lola's sorrowful cries from the phone.

"Lola, I just read the news..." Zoe could not say anything more. He didn't know how to make her feel better.

Lola forced a bitter smile. Now the world knew that she was merely a friend, and a subordinate to Harry.

The door opened slowly, but Lola was not aware. She was still bending over the desk. "I've read it too. The past is gone, Zoe. It's all over. I have to start all over again."

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