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   Chapter 180 Being in Intimate Relationship with Two Women

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 8465

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"It must be true love between Harry and Lola. Otherwise, Harry would have married Yolanda long ago.", one reporter named "Spider Man" gleefully said in her concluding line.

"The only truth is that Harry and Yolanda are engaged, and Lola Li is the other woman!", as quoted from "Jumping Heart".

"Maybe Lola's daughter was born out of wedlock too!"

To make it less worse, the child's photo was deliberately blurred. "Looked like a lovely kid though."

In the living room, Harry's grandfather pointed at the newspapers with his quivering finger, and said to Kevin Si, "Look what your son has done! He just hooked up with his ex-wife! Who knows what this will do to the company! If Yolanda's family didn't call, we wouldn't even have known about this ridiculous scandal!"

Kevin calmly replied, "Father! Harry is almost 30. He is capable of taking care of his own business now. I trust him to learn from his mistakes." Kevin had always been proud of Harry, so he would be firmly on Harry's side no matter what. He knows Harry too well.

Harry's grandfather was obviously even more infuriated. "Is he? The scandal was exposed this morning and he still occupies all the entertainment headlines now. It's almost 3 in the afternoon! This is becoming a nationwide gossip!"

He never used to worry about his grandson, but Harry's relationship had become a huge issue recently.

The love triangle four years ago has happened again! If it kept going like this, his grandson would disgrace himself and the name of the company by squeezing himself in intimate relationship with two women at the same time!

Kevin wiped his glasses and put it back on. "Father! It is not easy to judge things when it comes to relationships. The heart is so difficult to teach. Four years ago, Harry married Lola Li. It wouldn't have become complicated, if Yolanda and Rose didn't bother to meddle in their marriage. With an ex-girlfriend and a mom who insisted her choice of daughter-in-law, how could the couple live a peaceful life?"

Kevin had talked to Mrs. Du, from whom he learned that Lola was a very nice person. He also happened to talk to Harry's assistant, Joey, about Lola and also heard favorable comments.

What's more, he trusted his own son! He understands Harry in a way no other person can.

Harry's grandfather pondered while stroking his beard. Yolanda and Harry had been through a lot with each other for the past dozen years. Even if Harry didn't tell him everything, he could always find out.

Four years ago, not long a

istracted and hurt by the news that spread all over the Internet. It all felt like four years ago!

The only difference from four years ago was that she had Nicole now. Thankfully, the paparazzi who probably hadn't lost all conscience, had the presence of the mind to blur Nicole's face.

Receiving Harry's call, she had a hunch that something big was happening.

The fact that she and Harry used to be married and the rumor that she was the other woman was ironic and confusing. It was not a secret in the company now.

Lola fixed her long hair to a bun and walked out of the office. She could see several colleagues whispering to each other.

But they all stopped when they saw Lola. Lola walked to them and calmly said, "Not everything is as it seems. Don't conclude easily. Just do your job!"

Then, in absolute silence, she went into the elevator, her high heels making a loud tapping noise.

As she stepped into the CEO office floor, Joey greeted her. "Miss Li, Boss Si said that you can go in anytime to his office as soon as you get here."

Lola smiled and nodded to him.

When she walked into Harry's office, cigarette smoke immediately blanketed her. Lola frowned and walked to him.

She took the half-finished cigarette from him and threw it to the ashtray.

Looking steadily at Harry, she said, "If you die because of smoking, I will just find another man to spend the rest of my life with!"

Harry jumped to his feet and pushed Lola to the wall, intending to kiss her.

But he stopped at the last moment.

From his behavior, Lola understood right away what Harry was thinking about and planning to do. Her instinct told her to get ready to be hurt.

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