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   Chapter 179 Old Flames Have Sparked to Life

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7686

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As the staff closed the gate, she waited and wondered about how the day has been a perfect one. She could not forget how happy Nicole is and how her eyes sparkled whenever Harry is around.

"Well! I guess I should not get too caught up with this. This is too good to be true.", Lola sadly exclaimed to herself. She walked down to where Harry and Nicole was and waited for them there.

After 3 rounds in the Ferris Wheel, Lola can't do anything anymore so she let the two go on to the other rides.

But Nicole badly wanted to play on the Pirate Ship so Harry brought them on the ship and waited for them on the ground.

Harry watched the two happy girls, smiling brightly and having the time of their lives.

After that, they took Nicole to every game she pointed to. Despite all of these exhausting activities, Nicole was still unwilling to leave.

It was already lunchtime and after countless tries, the two adults finally succeeded in getting her into the car.

"Nicole, let's just go to the marine world this afternoon, OK?" Harry said as he hastened to comfort her when he saw that the little one was a bit unhappy.

Upon hearing this, Nicole suddenly became interested, with a sudden spark in her eyes

"Yeah, yeah! Let's go!"

"Nicole, it's already lunch time. Aren't you hungry?" Lola tried to sound as patient as she can.

Nicole touched her empty and flat stomach, and nodded with emphasis, "Yeah, Nicole is hungry!"

Phew! "Yes. We eat first and then go to the marine world. Will that be all right?"

Nicole nodded obediently.

"Hey, don't you need to go to the company?" Lola looked back at Harry, who is busy consoling the still energetic Nicole.

He shook his head, "No. Joey could handle everything for me."

Harry took the two girls to a fancy restaurant. The food is great there and he knew that Nicole would definitely like the children's meals they offer.

Seeing that Lola is already very hungry, Harry offered to let her eat first as he took care of Nicole who was eating rice by herself in a high chair. Like a true father, Harry kept suggesting food for her to eat.

"Steamed cod. Eat more, Nicole."

"Nicole, take some seafood soup. This is their best soup!"

"This is Spring Amaranth. Nicole needs green vegetables!"



h a slight blush on her cheeks. With emotions consuming her, she looked at Harry for the last time in what could be her most unforgettable day. He did not leave until she entered the villa and closed the gate.

On Sunday.

In the Si's estate in C Country.

With a classical and simple decoration style, the big house was of antique beauty, high-grade and a dark brown motif for the furniture. There is a tea room and all sorts of antiques, calligraphies and paintings.

"Clap!" An entertainment newspaper was dropped on the expensive sandalwood table in the living room, breaking the deafening silence.

A grey-haired old man in a white tunic suit got very angry.

He was staring at the headline on the newspaper----SL CEO HARRY IS HAVING AN AFFAIR!

"The old flames have sparked to life! Is Harry going to remarry?"

"Harry" had also become a popular search on Weibo. The news reports were filled with photos where Harry, Lola and a little girl are enjoying their time in the amusement park.

People were speculating about the relationship and who was the child's real father!

A lot of people also discovered what happened in D city four years ago. For a while, the three people fell into an overwhelming entertainment media coverage.

Harry, Lola, Yolanda.

However, it was well known that Harry and Yolanda were engaged. Therefore, people angrily accused Lola of being a mistress!

Only a few people took sides with Lola. They believed that she was Harry's true love and they should get married!

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