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   Chapter 178 Make It Up for Nicole

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Harry could not stop himself from staring at Lola. She had this rare aura of pure charm and wit as she presided over the meeting. His thoughts took him back to last night as she whispered sweet nothings to him. Seeing that she shone on the stage with confidence and grace, Harry nodded with satisfaction.

She was even better than before. No, I believe that she is slowly becoming better than me!

As the meeting neared its end, Harry said in his usual emotionless voice, "Yolanda and Joseph have finished their work. It is the first broadcast today. If Deputy CEO and General Manager find something wrong, communicate with the film crew as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary trouble!"

Lola and Julie reassuringly nodded at the same time.

After the board was dismissed, Harry, who was always the first one to leave the meeting room, didn't rush to leave. As he stayed, executives didn't dare to leave. They respect Harry too much and because of this, they do not have the guts to be the first ones to leave. Seeing this, Lola sighed and left first. Then the other executives followed suit and left.

Pretending not to notice, Harry saw Lola leave from the corner of his eye. She was always the last one to leave, wasn't she? He waited for her this time. Why did she leave so quickly?

Harry frowned and felt really bad.

After all the others left the room, he stood and began walking back to his office.

Soon after he returned to his office, he received an email.

It was from Lola! She is asking for a day off tomorrow.

He replied, "Tell me what you want to do tomorrow!"

Lola smiled. It was exactly what she waited for. She replied quickly, "I hung out with some man last night. It will be Saturday tomorrow, so I want to make it up for Nicole and take her out!"

She clicked "send" and clenched her fist, hoping he will say that he would go with them!

Trying not to be overanxious, she quietly looked forward to his reply.

Finally, she received a new email and instantly opened it.

"I will meet you at the door of Li Manor at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning."

Yeah! With Harry's company, Nicole must be very happy.

Lola blushed and playfully replied, "Mr. Si, drive carefully!"

Lola was not the only one in high spirits. Seeing that she did not refuse his offer to join, Harry was also very happy.


l, I like it!" Then he carried a very happy Nicole and had the tickets checked.


"Mommy. Uncle, I want to ride the Ferris wheel, the small train, the pirate ship, the carousel and the space vehicle..." Nicole lifter her hand and used her fingers to count. Harry happily nodded in approval.

In the Ferris wheel.

In fact, Lola had a fear of heights, so she sat still and didn't dare to move.

Harry and Nicole forced her here…

Harry, with Nicole in his arms, sat in the opposite side and thought that her nervous face looked cute.

"Relax. With Nicole and me here, you don't need to be afraid."

She did not say anything. Her heartbeat went a mile faster when the Ferris wheel rose to the top. With all the strength that she could muster, Lola looked down and saw the buildings and the colorful structures around Disneyland.

On the other hand, Nicole wasn't even a little afraid. She climbed down from Harry and went to Lola. "Nicole, go back and sit still!" She was already shaking from being too nervous.

Nicole laughed and walked back to Harry. Harry held Nicole with one hand and took Lola's hand with the other hand.

"We won't ride this next time. Don't worry.", Harry assured her.

Lola nodded, stared at his pretty eyes, and held Harry's hand. Then she wasn't so scared anymore, but she still didn't dare to look below.

Finally, the five minutes passed and Lola let out a sigh of relief. Every minute was like an hour long.

She left the Ferris wheel with her legs shivering, leaving Harry and Nicole happily sitting still.

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